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A Hobbit Birthday Party LOTR Party ideas and free printables

I love parties. My husband loves the Lord of the Rings. How did I decide on a Hobbit party when I can’t even stay awake an hour into the movies? WELL, my favorite part of those movies has always been the SHIRE. Could it be because it is in the first 20 minutes of the film? Possibly. My simple brain can’t handle complicated plot lines, blue filtered battling/action sequences or keep track of too many characters with unusual names, but it has always appreciated the tranquility and simplicity of the green pastured Hobbiton.

That and those Hobbits know how to party!

Dancing, music, food, fun, speeches, paper lantern decorations, Squeeeeee!!! That totally caught my attention and excitement watching the film with the hubs this time around (or my attempt to watch it). And in that moment was born the idea that it was absolutely NECESSARY to celebrate our birthdays in Hobbit style (our birthdays are one day apart, or I guess technically he’s exactly a day short of a year older than me. We have had joint birthday parties every year since we started dating. This is our 6th year. I know. Sappy cuteness.)


The best and most surprising part about putting this party together was the keen interest and involvement the Mr. suddenly seemed to have about the party. I’m the party girl, he usually (typically reluctantly) just goes with it. But not this time around. This was a LOTR party. You should have seen him the night before the party whipping up Lembas Bread and seed cakes as if he were trying to save middle earth from starvation. paper-lanterns

He seriously went NUTS with the food part of it. It was utterly awesome. Which left me some time to do a bit of decorating. Here is a great tutorial for paper lanterns that I used.  Here is a download of patterns I used to cut the shapes:

[Download not found]


You may have gotten hints from this and this and other posts that I’m quite cheap, or we’ll say.. resourceful. Here is a pennant banner that I came up with using wrapping paper that I had around.create-easy-pennant-banner

Some signage to welcome guests… Here is the DOWNLOAD.

Download “speak friend and enter” speak-friend-and-enter.pdf – Downloaded 1360 times – 2 MB



This was fun. We thought it proper that we use mugs for the drinks but we didn’t have enough in our stash to serve the masses, so we headed to Deseret Industries (thrift store) and bought LOTRish looking mugs. Thrice washed and rinsed, it became the drink holder for our guests and the party favor. Here are the tags I designed for the mugs. It also serves as a way to label them with names during the party. Here is the download

Download “Hobbit party Tag” hobbit-party-tag.pdf – Downloaded 813 times – 96 KB



The Lembas Bread has a hit! It was cute to even hear our little ‘hobbit’ two year old request, “Mo Lembas peeze” after he gobbled piece after piece. It was quite the delight of my LOTR loving hubs. Here is the lembas bread recipe used.



It would be tricky to have a Hobbit party without Bilbo’s favorite snack! Seed Cakes. Here is the recipe we used. 


Food, food and even more food!  Ahh, everything was so so delicious. Did I mention the husband went crazy with the food?? He did amazing, if I say so myself. The Hobbit’s delight (top right corner of picture series above) was my favorite…Bacon and mushrooms, how could you go wrong?? Here is the recipe used.

flower-hair-garland-for-hobbit-partyI  There was a little little corner set up to let the Hobbit ladies make some sassy hair garlands. I hung up some instructions that explained how to make a tissue paper flower, here is the link.hobbit-party-costume

I was more than excited to see our good friends go all out with their costumes!!  They looked specular don’t you think?!?!lembas-in-mallorn-leaf

Not only that but they even surprised us with our very own Lembas Bread pouches to take on our adventures!!! Can you believe my friend MADE these??? HOLY AMAZING. She’s so creative. Here is a tut.


Here is the download for the ‘Happy Birthday’ Signage (without our names of course)

[Download not found]


Here is the cake. Nothing special, just used a cake mix and this frosting. I decided  this is my new favorite frosting recipe!

Happy Birthday to us! YAY!!!!


Little hobbit man helping blow out candles.

LOTR-bilbos-party-fireworksCan’t have a hobbit party without fireworks!  Good thing I had some sparklers stashed around…paper-lantern

Paper lanterns at night.


And we even had (borrowed) a fire pit to cozy up and sing us some LOTR songs. Ooooh, it was so fun!

I’m happy with the way everything turned out, for a hubby that helped make it happen and friends that made it simply AWESOME. Thanks!!!

Checkout more party ideas and printables on this bloggity.

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Simple and Classy Easter eggs


I have a knack for complicating situations all around me, so in the end, there is nothing I crave more than simplicity. This is the branch where I hang simple adornments to add a touch of the season into my living room.  For Valentine’s Day, I hung these ridiculously simple hearts, and for Easter, I made these stylized hanging eggs. All you need is an egg, a pin, a toothpick and a sharpie. To hang them, you will need string and a long sewing needle. Or you could follow my example and use some wire from a broccoli twist-tie in the fridge (resourceful, eh? Ok… Maybe just cheap.).


Prior to blowing out the egg, wash it. Next, poke two minuscule holes on either side of the egg with a push pin. Do it slowly and carefully!  Twist the pin around to make sure it is a nice, clean hole. Grab your toothpick (or a bent paper clip, which may work better because it’s a bit thinner), and twist it into the hole. Scramble the inside of the egg by carefully moving your toothpick around without cracking the egg. Pull out the toothpick and blow out the egg guts by putting your lips against the egg (this is why we wash…). Blow on one side so it will spew out on the other (grab a bowl!). You can also use one of those baby nose syringes if this concept grosses you out.


Decorate as you wish with a sharpie marker. I let my kid scribble on one. They are REALLY fragile, so hold onto it with very little pressure. Thread with a makeshift needle or just use a big sewing needle. Once threaded, tie a bead or bend the soft twist-tie wire into a circle and tie that at the end.



Here is another simple spring idea for your ‘branch’: add small tissue paper flowers.  Enjoy spring and Easter!!!!  So excited for warm weather fun!




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LOVE month is here!


February is famous for Valentines day, celebration of couples, pinks, reds, chocolates and all the things associate with sappy, gushy romantic LOVE. While I am so happy to celebrate the love between my spouse and I, I’m also excited to think more about LOVE in general. You know, the stuff that not only gives life to a relationship but  substance, color and vitality to all accepts of things that are life!  Yes, love in the broader, real and all encompassing respect.

Here is are a some of my sentiments and truths I feel about LOVE scribbled out on a chalkboard*:

Love is kind, patient, honest

Not selfish or jealous

Love embraces all good

Creates all beauty

Enables all peace

Love is the fountain of all JOY.


The other day I got a tiny bit of the crafting bug and decided to make these totally simple hearts with my little dude to decorate our branches (we throw on season stuff once in a while). Scroll through and check out how simple it is…



Cut out two small pieces of construction paper.heart2

Fold in half.


Cut half of a heart shape-made sure seam is on the inner part of the ‘heart’


Two hearts.


Cut slits half way up the hearts, one that starts from the bottom, the other that starts from the top.


Insert together to make 3D heart


Tie or tape some string and hang!

Enjoy love month!

For downloadable February Calendar click HERE.

* Chalkboard was made last year with a UGLY DI (2nd hand store) framed picture that I spray painted with black and white paint. Yes. it wasn’t even chalkboard paint! I totally cheated but it has worked and is still working wonderfully. Such an easy way to add some festiveness!!!.

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Create a Family Tree (Free printable)

Family Tree


Create a charming little family tree that can help you remember and visually see your family past and present. Makes a great wall hanging and a meaningful gift (what could moms, mom-in-laws and grandmas be more excited about??)

This began as a  church Young Women’s project. We were working on finding names of our ancestors, (check out or and wanted the girls to display them in nice way.


I absolutely fell in love with this tree and had always wanted one for my home so I decided to mimic the basic concept and this is what came out of that. I made a template (which you can download for free  for personal use)

[Download not found]



The template is just an outline of the tree and a couple leaves, this way you can trace it onto whatever color/patterned pattern your heart desires.

Instructions For Creating A family tree 

Start by printing the download on a regular 8.5×11 piece of computer paper. You could also print the tree template right onto the patterned paper if is not too dark or busy.  If you don’t print right on to the paper you will use, follow the next few steps to transfer template outline onto paper.


Use a piece of chalk in a color contrasting the color of tree you will use (black tree, white chalk) and cover entire backside of the paper (blankside).  You can also use carbon paper to achieve similar results.


Lay the template on the opposite side of colored/patterned paper that will appear (if it is a solid color of paper, it won’t matter, if it has a patterned on one side and blank on the other, lay it on the BLANK side). Trace the tree template with a pen, pushing firmly.


After you have traced around the whole tree you can lift up the paper and you should be able to see the outline of the tree. Cut out the tree. Paste tree on a 11×14 piece of heavier paper (we used Bistol paper)


To cutout many leaves at a time: trace one of the leaves near the edge of a pattern/colored paper (there are two different sizes of leaves on the template you can choose whatever you prefer or just draw your own) and cutout a long strip from it. Fold the strip around the leaf accordion style. Hold the accordion together and cut out the leaves, you should get 2-4 leaves depending on the amount of times you folded it.

The way you place the leaves around the tree is totally up to you. The placement will be more or less abstract, the tree branches don’t necessarily follow a pattern. Have fun, make it look awesome. Please link back if you want to post on your website or comment with link so we can all admire your work!

***UPDATE!**** JUNE 2014

If you like this little tree, you will LOVE this.  YOu can print this directly onto a 11×14 (go to a printing lab, pretty cheap since it is black and white) and fill in names of your family members PAST (roots) and continue to add growing PRESENT family members (grandchildren, etc) with patterned paper!! SO genius, right?? It is available as instant download in my ETSY shop for only $5! 

familiy tree printable

family tree made with cutout paper leaves.