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FREE Valentine Printables pencil toppers



LOOOVE day is fun approaching and since my oldest is now in kindergarten and since I found a pack of 12 pencils at walmart for dirt cheap with valentine’s day prints and since I love me a quick printable idea, I created these for 28 of his little classmates. Since they are here and done, might as well share it. Enjoy! Happy love month!


Download file here:

Download “Valentines Write friend for me” valentines-write-friend-for-me.pdf – Downloaded 1534 times – 109 KB


Here are is another valentine printable idea on this bloggity, Click on image to go to post and printable file:

just popping by-valentines-



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HELLO 2016! Free color/write 2016 doodle sheet

We had some wild fun last night as we rang in the new year. To appropriately welcome the coming year, I quickly doodled this page for our family and guests to color, write and doodle all the great things 2016 will bring. 2016-coloring-drawing-writing-page



I included a little rocket on the side that allows you to write all the things you are letting go from 2015.2016-goals-color-doodle-page-01

Made for a groovy, fun, expressive way to think about the new year. Here is the free download:

Download “2016-goals-color-page.pdf” 2016-goals-color-page.pdf – Downloaded 1012 times – 109 KB



Great activity to do as a family. Fun to see what everyone has to write.  Kids dig it. So do the grown peeps.


Enjoy the new year!!! Here is the 2016 printable calendar (under $2!) to plan a great year!

I’m so excited for this coming year!! I’m feeling like it will be a BIG one.

SO many fun things I am creating for you that I hope you will enjoy and use.

Big announcements

I’m happy to announce that I will soon make available a piece of a big passion project that has been swimming in my brain for a while now. I’m serious and ready to help mothers/women come to greater happiness and peace by helping us connect with all the marvel we already hold within us. I believe journaling and discovering truth is a great big part of that. That is why I am design, writing, illustrating, thinking and thinking of resources, guided journals, truths that have helped me and that I believe sincerely will help others. I am finally getting ready to share it as beautiful, fun and super useful products for all my lovely lady friends.

Sneak peakers on the intention and gratitude journal:


ALSO…diaper changin friends….

Remember my purse organizing post?  Well, over the last year, I’ve developed a snazzy product for your diaper changing needs that will revolutionize the way we think about and use diaper bags!! We are working on putting together a kickstarter campaign to reveal it to you! Oh. So many goodies to come. Hold tight. Thanks for joining me on this journey! Be sure to subscribe (on right), follow on facebook, or instagram to stay updated.




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Free Holly Jolly Christmas Tag

Here a quick last minute super practical Christmas Gift idea: Use my printable calendar (purchase here for under $2!) and include these gift tags. Print as many copies as you need to spread holiday love!Free Christmas Gift Tag

Here is the Free christmas Tag printable download:

Download “Holly Jolly Christmas Tag” holly-jolly-christmas-gift-tags.pdf – Downloaded 987 times – 134 KB



Enjoy Christmas and the New Year my friends!!

I’m so excited for all the new things coming your way this coming year! Stay Tuned!!!

Other FREE Christmas Tags:

Just popping by to wish you a Merry Christmas

Some people are worth melting for

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FREE “Some people are worth Melting for” gift Tags



My good friend Lorna needed some gift tags for a cute Christmas neighbor gift idea she had. I whipped these up for her and thought I would share it if anyone could use them.some-people-are-worth-melting-for-gift-tag-11




Click here for FREE pdf download:

Download “Some people are worth melting for” some-people-are-worth-melting-for.pdf – Downloaded 1368 times – 125 KB


Ideas to go with gift tag:

snowman ornament

Build your own Olaf

My friend’s idea was to put white chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chips, orange candy, pretzels in a mason jar and tie the tag. Guienus right?? I will try to include a pic if I can!


Other Christmas goodies on this site:

Popping by to wish you a Sweet Christmas Tag and popcorn recipe

3 Simple ways to enhance your Christmas Joy

2016 printable calendar is now available!! 





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Halloween 2015 – Big Hero 6 Family Costumes

Is it coincidence that the characters of our our boys’ favorite movie happen to look like miniature versions of them or is it HALLOWEEN COSTUME FATE??? OR..Disney might have just stolen our identities…decide for yourself.

DSC_0154 copy

Can you match which Big Hero 6 characters we are?

DSC_0240 copy

If Hiro Hamada had a picture of himself as a real life person when he was 3, I’m going to guess he pretty much looked much like my little guy.

DSC_0238 copy

Who happened to have an older brother who looked like a mini version of Tadashi…

DSC_0211 copy



The best, part hands down, of putting these costumes together this year was  the excitement of this 6 year old. Whoa. Ever since we found this ‘Tadashi’ outfit in prep for halloween, he would put it on ALL the time and with a serious look on his face would walk around saying, “I’m Tadashi.” It was serious. And seriously, so cute that he felt so proud, excited and good to be one of his favorite characters in his favorite movie. When I kept saying he looked just like him, the beam on his face was priceless. Aw.DSC_0235 copy

What a little boy high to pretend with your brother to be characters in the same show. Even wilder? When your parents are in on it too. “Hi Go Go” is what these rascals kept saying to me every time I walked past (all week long with or without costume)DSC_0233 copy

AND… since this guy already came equipped with the marshmallow cheeks and a squishy body, Baymax was the obvious answer for his costume.DSC_0220

DSC_0218 DSC_0217 copy
Is it wrong that every single day, every time that I pick him up and carry him around I smother him with kisses (that he doesn’t always appreciate) and whisper in his ear, “I just want to eat you every day” because he is such a freakin delicious yumster????? Ahhh, I’m writing this while he’s sleeping and I’m getting these impulses to wake him up just so I can attack him with kisses and nibble on those cheeks!!tadashi-hiro-baymax-kids

I’m so in love with these boys!

And I was Go Go. 



Did I request to get a hair cut to match that of a Disney Character a week prior? Maybe. Hey, that foot of hair went to a good cause, alright? Even though the long locs were fun, this short chop is SO much easier in SO many ways. I was so ready for it.

 Fred. The best part is that my honey is the complete opposite in personality as Fred in every way. But. He still pull it off, I think. Love it. Love him. Especially for putting up with Halloween sheenanigans with us!fred-big-hero-6-costume


It’s been fun all these years to do costumes as a family and now that the two older ones can get excited with us about it, seems like every year it gets more rewarding for me.

Here is our pumpkin fun this year. The boys insisted on the carving kits’ stencils and hubby complied but he also went ahead and held tradition and craved Baymax to match costumes using this technique (click to see previous years cravings too!)


Quick costume tips and tricks:

The name of our costume game is to find as many items as possible in our home FIRST. Then we think of ways we can alter or change what we have or hit the second hand stores or buy things as cheap as possible.

Here are some tricks of the trade we’ve learned…

To make anything a Solid Color:

1.Spray paint.DSC_0128 copy

DSC_0129 copy

It is difficult to find just the right item, let alone color, when browsing through a second hand store.  A bit of spray paint to vanish unwanted graphics goes a long way!

2. Another trick is to turn any garment inside out to it’s solid color. We did this with Hubby’s t-shirt to be Fred and also Baymax’s costume was a girlie, flowery snow suit (check it out below!). I turned it inside-out and wal-la…all white.

Printed and iron-on decals:

People asked where we got our x-men belt buckles  and the answer was simple: we printed them! And pasted them on cardboard and duct taped them to our costumes! Yes, printing stuff out from the web is a GREAT idea to place as costume details. The details on Baymax, Tadashi’s hat and Fred’s hat were all printed and ironed on (first to fabric and sewn or hot glued on)

babybaymax costume



DSC_0258 copy

The pendant that Fred wore was made with Sculpey clay. If you need to make anything solid like props or jewelry clay is your source of limitless possibilities!

Hooorray! Hope you had a fab halloween!!! Comment with YOUR fun family traditions, costumes or tips!

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Unique Alphabet Flash Card Printables with ALL sounds of each letter

Oh. Don’t you just LOVE the english language?? Well, I wasn’t reminded of its lovely inconsistencies quite as much as I did as when I was trying to teach my little one simple reading skills.

“Yes, the E says “EH” but sometimes it changes its mind completely and says “ee” instead.” and “Oh…yes actually you read it right (if english was read the way you spell it), but that not how most people say it…

Ah. So fun.

I created these cards for my great and brilliant friend Lorna who started her own preschool. She suggested the idea of creating alphabet cards with ALL the sounds each letter had. When she mentioned the idea, of course I was all over it.  It was basically exactly what I remember needing myself, but I never thought to follow through to actually creating a full set of cards. This was the perfect chance to create a set of flashcards that she and I had yet to see out there.


Not only do these alphabet cards include all the sounds of each letter, but many words have been selected that are 4 or 3 letters to prepare child for reading. Most of which are CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) so the cards can transition to be be reading cards when your learner start to understand how sounds come together. They are “color coded” as they follow the color spectrum, with duplicates of each letter being in the same color… just a little touch that might help little ones who are more intune with colors to put the alphabet in order.

I created two sets: A smaller set that was given as a gift to the students in her class. They fit 8 on a printed 11×8.5 page.



and a larger format for the teacher to use. They fit 4 on a page. Of course the sets can be used however and whenever.



I had the pleasure of creating these cards from scratch: doodle to digital. I wanted to give them a friendly and fun feel for kids to enjoy and remember. I hope you and your kids can enjoy them too!

Scan 331

There are 56 sounds total. Now, I do say ALL the sounds of each letter, and I did include what we thought were the most common and important sounds.  But do remember that P is also for pneumonia, pterodactyl and psychosis (see here for a WHOLE song of this ridiculousness)…so there is no way we can cover all those silent and obscure sounds in the english language. I did include “k is for knees” because a silent k seem common enough, though my husband did make fun of me for  it. As always any teacher is welcome to remove any letter sound card until the student is ready to use them.

Here is a sample of the small format:

alphabet flash cards-eg-16


And the Large format

alphabet flash cards-larg-eg-18

Available here are as a printable for only a small fee for my work. Thank you!



For Free printable on this site, click here:

For purchasable printables, click here (2016 calendar now available!!!)

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2016 Printable Calendar

2016-printable-calendar-motherhoodtrade With over 17,000 downloads in counting, this calendar sure made it’s way around in 2015 (Available for free  here). Presenting the 2016 calendar with all the features you love about the last: Seasonal colors and decals, quotes, and enough space for planning. Sure makes planning for the future a delight! Make it a GREAT year my friend! Here are the deets:

• Prints on 11×8.5 paper

• 12 calendar months

• US holidays included

Available in my Esty shop .

************There was an error with the month of  November, here is the correct version THANK YOU!*******

Download “2016-printable-calendars-november.pdf” 2016-printable-calendars-november.pdf – Downloaded 965 times – 168 KB


FREE 2016 doodle page printable for your goals and adventures!

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Simple tricks to regrow your own food!


Does gardening seem overwhelming at all to you?? Um. Growing actual food for me seemed impossible because I CANNOT keep green things ALIVE (I can barely keep my children alive for goodness sake)!  Well, my friend Alicia Cutts from The Creative Vault (holy cow, check her out, she’s a creative genius!!) gave me major HOPE. REGROWING your own food is the coolest, easiest thing EVER. I mean I can do it!  What an incredibly super easy way to eat the healthiest, FRESHEST stuff available!! If you’ve been following my “insta-tricks” on instagram and facebook you know I did a week of quick tricks to boost some body lovin’ health and this is definitely one of those tricks. Alicia is so inspiring!! Check it out and go grow some good stuff!

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Get healthy tips and tricks that are often overlooked!


Like I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be sharing quick tricks via instagram and facebook! This week: HEALTHY tips and tricks!  Follow me on instagram or here!

I don’t profess to be a health coach/pro/guru in anyway. I don’t have a super model body or know the nutritional makeup of every food but I can tell you this: I FEEL good and I ENJOY my body!

I feel like I’ve noticed and learned somethings about living healthy that might be often overlooked. Hopefully this series of tricks will spark some inspiration and motivate you to make simple changes to a healthier and thus happier life!!