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Halloween 2015 – Big Hero 6 Family Costumes

Is it coincidence that the characters of our our boys’ favorite movie happen to look like miniature versions of them or is it HALLOWEEN COSTUME FATE??? OR..Disney might have just stolen our identities…decide for yourself.

DSC_0154 copy

Can you match which Big Hero 6 characters we are?

DSC_0240 copy

If Hiro Hamada had a picture of himself as a real life person when he was 3, I’m going to guess he pretty much looked much like my little guy.

DSC_0238 copy

Who happened to have an older brother who looked like a mini version of Tadashi…

DSC_0211 copy



The best, part hands down, of putting these costumes together this year was  the excitement of this 6 year old. Whoa. Ever since we found this ‘Tadashi’ outfit in prep for halloween, he would put it on ALL the time and with a serious look on his face would walk around saying, “I’m Tadashi.” It was serious. And seriously, so cute that he felt so proud, excited and good to be one of his favorite characters in his favorite movie. When I kept saying he looked just like him, the beam on his face was priceless. Aw.DSC_0235 copy

What a little boy high to pretend with your brother to be characters in the same show. Even wilder? When your parents are in on it too. “Hi Go Go” is what these rascals kept saying to me every time I walked past (all week long with or without costume)DSC_0233 copy

AND… since this guy already came equipped with the marshmallow cheeks and a squishy body, Baymax was the obvious answer for his costume.DSC_0220

DSC_0218 DSC_0217 copy
Is it wrong that every single day, every time that I pick him up and carry him around I smother him with kisses (that he doesn’t always appreciate) and whisper in his ear, “I just want to eat you every day” because he is such a freakin delicious yumster????? Ahhh, I’m writing this while he’s sleeping and I’m getting these impulses to wake him up just so I can attack him with kisses and nibble on those cheeks!!tadashi-hiro-baymax-kids

I’m so in love with these boys!

And I was Go Go. 



Did I request to get a hair cut to match that of a Disney Character a week prior? Maybe. Hey, that foot of hair went to a good cause, alright? Even though the long locs were fun, this short chop is SO much easier in SO many ways. I was so ready for it.

 Fred. The best part is that my honey is the complete opposite in personality as Fred in every way. But. He still pull it off, I think. Love it. Love him. Especially for putting up with Halloween sheenanigans with us!fred-big-hero-6-costume


It’s been fun all these years to do costumes as a family and now that the two older ones can get excited with us about it, seems like every year it gets more rewarding for me.

Here is our pumpkin fun this year. The boys insisted on the carving kits’ stencils and hubby complied but he also went ahead and held tradition and craved Baymax to match costumes using this technique (click to see previous years cravings too!)


Quick costume tips and tricks:

The name of our costume game is to find as many items as possible in our home FIRST. Then we think of ways we can alter or change what we have or hit the second hand stores or buy things as cheap as possible.

Here are some tricks of the trade we’ve learned…

To make anything a Solid Color:

1.Spray paint.DSC_0128 copy

DSC_0129 copy

It is difficult to find just the right item, let alone color, when browsing through a second hand store.  A bit of spray paint to vanish unwanted graphics goes a long way!

2. Another trick is to turn any garment inside out to it’s solid color. We did this with Hubby’s t-shirt to be Fred and also Baymax’s costume was a girlie, flowery snow suit (check it out below!). I turned it inside-out and wal-la…all white.

Printed and iron-on decals:

People asked where we got our x-men belt buckles  and the answer was simple: we printed them! And pasted them on cardboard and duct taped them to our costumes! Yes, printing stuff out from the web is a GREAT idea to place as costume details. The details on Baymax, Tadashi’s hat and Fred’s hat were all printed and ironed on (first to fabric and sewn or hot glued on)

babybaymax costume



DSC_0258 copy

The pendant that Fred wore was made with Sculpey clay. If you need to make anything solid like props or jewelry clay is your source of limitless possibilities!

Hooorray! Hope you had a fab halloween!!! Comment with YOUR fun family traditions, costumes or tips!

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halloween costumes 2014

After watching the Lego movie earlier this year,

I looked in the mirror and put my hair in a side pony tail and said, “I could totally be WyldStyle”

And suddenly we knew what our halloween costumes would be for this year.


Please cue

We might enjoy coming up with dress ups a bit too much.
My fav…baby as the 1980 something spaceguy…too perfect. Complete with jetpack (taped water bottles).


One of my brothers gave this rocking ninja turtle costume to my oldest for his birthday earlier this month and he’s  been obsessed ever since. Best part: Mikey is totally a lego character in the movie…SCORE!!!


And I gotta say, having this little boy as my “boyfriend” is the most delightful thing ever.  All day halloween he was calling me Wyldestyle.
“Could you pees open tis candy for me wyldstyle?” and “I’m batnan” (in a serious, deep, incognito 2yo batman voice)
That little batman of mine melts me everytime. I can’t resist him!!halloween-2014-lego-movie-costumes-batman

Oh, I gotta brag about my crazy brillant man. Here are his pumpkin carvings for his boys, they happened to coordinate with their costumes this year.


To learn the technique to carve pumpkins this way checkout , “Coolest way to carve your pumpkins this halloween”

Hope your halloween was just…AWESOME complete with an “everything is awesome” sound track in your head as it was for me…ok maybe you aren’t that ridiculous. But. I still hope your halloween was sweet-from all the sugar and all the sweet family memories. 😀

For more family halloween costume crazies you gotta view, “5 years of family costumes”


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Halloween Costumes 2013

I sure held you in suspense with this post about what we were for halloween this year, didn’t I? Well now that everyone’s moved on and no one cares about Halloween anymore, I present to you…Halloween 2013.

Let me give you some background. First of all, I’m not kidding when I say our costumes are last minute (and I know it shows). We usually plan our costumes around stuff we already have or things that would  cost us hardly anything.

This year I thought we should finally put to use the outfit that I brought my unborn child at the time when we were taking our baby moon in San Francisco. We found a samurai/ninja outfit in China town and bought it thinking it would be hilarious if I dressed our kid in it to go to the store on regular non-halloween days so people could think to themselves, “Aw look at that cute ethnic child with his ethnic mom.” Unfortunately the outfit was at least ten sizes too big for our newborn and then we kinda forgot about it. Until this year.


This was the year to finally use it, so we based all our costumes around this ninja costume. I had an awesome Kimono my aunt gave me as a gift several years ago that I decided would work. And of course the baby was the simplest costume that would work with his features and body type: a SUMO.  


So, do you see the whole Asian trend? Well my husband is not Asian. Coming up with what would work for him was the trickiest. We thought, “Well, you could be the British imperialist that conquered parts of Asia.”  “Naw that ‘s way too racist,” we agreed. 

Well, Halloween came and we couldn’t think of anything better so we did it anyway.


Sorry for the raciness. It is just a joke that fits our family, ok? Think about it: I’m half Chinese and my kids are a quarter Chinese. Add it all together and my husband essentially has one full Asian as his family…and he has essentially conquered our hearts… thats how I justified it at least.


What impressed me the most was that the Mr. literally threw his costume together Halloween evening and bought nothing from the store! Check out this break down:

Tricorn hat:  Pinned up brimmed hat
Jacket: His mothers trench coat (we have no shame)
Leg Wear: Long Johns over socks.
Froofy necktie: my white scarf
Footwear: church shoes
Messenger bag: (this accessory for some reason made the outfit!) his sunday ‘man purse’

Sheer genius, right? I suppose that maybe a reason I married him.

Here is 5 tips we’ve learned when trying to fire up creative ideas for costumes. If we can do it, so can you. You just need to get in the  right frame of thinkin’,  and ask the right questions:

1. Costumes work best when they fit your already body type and features
2. Find  lots of reference pictures (online) of what you are trying to create as your costume.
3. Think to yourself, “What do I already have that could work as _______” Or what would be the best way to make this. Google any idea…there is a good chance some else has thought of it already.
4. Search your brain and open up any possibility until you find the right option.
5. HAVE FUN!!!

So there you have it. Our family Halloween Costumes 2013. Asians and the British Imperlists that conquered us. heh.

Thank you to my sister-in-law Natalie for the photos she took of us!


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The coolest way to carve your pumpkins this Halloween.


You might have guessed by my last post about our 5 years of family Halloween Costumes, that we might like our Halloween just a tad. Well, everything that goes with it, like pumpkin carving, is no exception  I’m sure you’ve carved pumpkins before, but have you ever thought of actually ‘carving’ your design into the pumpkin instead of just making a cut out of the design?


With this technique you attempt to give your drawing depth by creating areas of light (cut out) and shadow (uncut) and ranges of midtones in between with different depths of carving. The results can be quite impressive!


First gut out your pumpkin. The hubs likes to gut out from the side instead of the top because leaving the vine on top is supposed to keep your pumpkin longer and lets candle breath better. Be thinking of a cool design, drawing, character and draw it on the surfaces of your pumpkin there (finding a picture reference of it is helpful!)


Mark the areas you know you want black (scribbles here) Start by cutting out the part you know will be ‘white’ or the brightest area of the drawing.


Then grab a chisel or whatever pumpking carving tool you like to use and start scraping away at all the different shades of your drawing, avoiding the parts marked black, of course. Remember, the deeper, the lighter.


Cookie is a fun and rather forgiving character to do since much of it the midtones was a texture that doesn’t necessarily have to be precise. Keep textures in mind when considering a design.



Here is one the Mr. did last year (of only the greatest football team of all time, of course) that didn’t have texture but had basically three different colors, so three different levels of cutting.


Last step is to add a candle or better yet an electrical light (so you don’t have to create ‘breathe’ hole on the top or side), turn off the lights and enjoy … it such a cool effect you might jump a little with excitement.

Here are some from last year…Tremble before the might of the Witch King of Agmar…. and … Handy Manny…. In pumpkin form.



Have you tried any fun/different pumpkin carving techniques?  Share in comments, or link up to your carving designs, we want to see!!





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5 years of Family Halloween Costumes

October is kind of a big deal for us. We celebrate yet another year of marriage, add one more year to the age of our first born and lets not forget the celebration of a holiday dedicated to dressing up and eating abnormal about of sugar…HALLOWEEN…oh what’s not to love?

2008-Cowboy and Indian Family Halloween Costume

It all started our first year of marriage when we thought it would be cute and funny as the utterly in love, sappy and endlessly cheesey couple we were (and still are) to do a coordinated costume. Since I looked indianish and he looked cowboyish we began with the obvious. Pocahontas and John Smith?? That’s what people thought we were. Um, sure?

(cool fact the Mr. doesn’t necessarily want revealed, I asked him to help me make my costume and he totally went nuts, first he measured and before I knew it he was cutting and sewing!  He’s embarrassed to have peeps know that but that totally makes him hotter in my eyes)


2009-Farmer, Scarecrow and Pumpkin Family Halloween Costume

The following year (yeah yeah, we got crackin’ fast!) we harvested our first little pumpkin! I took the role of farmer that grew the little sprout, and the hubs, well he scared the pregnancy crows away…whatever that means.

DSCN6836 copy

2010-School of Rock Family Halloween Costume

There is only one movie I can think of that I’ve watched several times and successfully  enjoyed and laughed as much as I did the first time I watched it. School of ROCK!!! Here we are rocking it for halloween. My son is totally petrified of his psycho Jack Black father…


2011-Pastry Chef, Bun in the Oven and Stud Muffin

bun-in-the-oven-halloween-custume stud-muffin-halloween-custume

The tot was a ‘stud muffin’. We stuffed the poor kid in an upside down lamp shade.


Old school styled stove with timer that displayed how much time left before baby arrived.

2012- X-men Family


Can you guess who each of us was?


Naturally our baby was the head of the X-men gang: Xavier. Look what we put our children through just to participate in halloween obsessions. Don’t judge us, we were totally going to buzz it off any way so it would grow in more eveningly, it just happened to be around halloween time…


This little dude of mine looks so suave and cool with his spandex Cyclops giddup not to mention with the cupcake with pile of orange frosting in his hand (and on his shirt).


And of course the hubs is the one and only wolverine. He really is.

And since I was the one snapping away, there aren’t really any more pics of me and my costume but I was the lovely and totally radical Rogue of course.

So this year we’ve totally set ourselves up to come up with something awesome and creative but I will give a spoiler alert:we might just not. Five years people, isn’t that enough?  Haha. We’ll see. Our ideas are usually last minute so  stay tuned.

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Do you have any Halloween traditions/costume ideas you love?  We all wanna know, write in comments below!.