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Fundraising bake sale for baby Kai

Meet Baby

Because of Amniotic Band Syndrome (find out more about ABS and follow his story on FB), Kai  needs to get surgery on his left ankle so he will be able to have full use of his foot.

“He had to get special casts on his legs…for the clubbed feet. He will have new ones put on every week for the next several months and then braces for years after that. He is an amazing kid who has gone through so much. He is handling everything exceptionally well ” -Kai’s mom, Aleisha 2/27/14

To honor and celebrate his birth and all the miracles this family has experienced so far, my friend Janie had the brilliant idea to hold a bake sale. All proceeds went to support baby Kai.





Look for printables below!
This is Kai’s mom, Aleisha. She has taken this experience and used social media to share her story and create ABS awareness. She has also created a blog to support mother’s on bed rest by sharing her experience and allowing others to submit theirs.

There was no shortage of support and DELICIOUS treats.

cream filled chiffon cupcakeslemon-barsDivine lemon barsorange-rollsOH. MY. DEEElishes orange rolls.rice-krispies
LOVE these ladies!!!

bake saleProud daddy!

If you’re heart strings are feeling it and you want to help baby Kai and his family, feel free to donate to their FUNDLY and feel the sweet blessing of giving!

I enjoyed designing the above printable banner, tent cards and sign. I’m excited to share them on my etsy shop!  They are great because you can use the for ANYTHING!! Any party, occasion or even to have a fun saying stung in your home (full alphabet banner). Once purchased you are welcome to print as much as your life needs celebration (um..everyday!) All proceeds will go to baby Kai for the month of May 2015!! Find in lime green, teal or

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Cruise themed YW New Beginnings-Free Printables

When it comes to organizing an event, I think the most delightful difference between females and males is probably that a females feel compelled to theme, color coordinate and cutsie every aspect of the experience. A male on the other hand…well…lets just say I grew up with 3 brothers and I clearly remember invitations to activities were swiftly hand written notes that were photocopied. I was also quite shocked to walk in on one of their big camp planning meeting (with only 2 week prior to the camp, no less) to find out that they had NO THEME, crafts planned, OR decorations for their camp site!!! When I asked about it, I remember those males were in bigger shock that we actually brought things like that up to camp.
My question is–What is the point if it won’t be pretty or over the top creative??

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on making the invitation. It was an envelope containing a boarding pass. Click HERE if you want use this design with your event info

Anyway. With this year’s Mutual theme being,  “O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.”, we all went nautical nutty and decided on a cruise ship theme.  With a surge of genius, though not without the help of pintrest (my, have planning meetings changed. Each girl, phone in hand swiping upward to get some insPINation…) here is what the ladies came up with.  Continue reading Cruise themed YW New Beginnings-Free Printables

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A Hobbit Birthday Party LOTR Party ideas and free printables

I love parties. My husband loves the Lord of the Rings. How did I decide on a Hobbit party when I can’t even stay awake an hour into the movies? WELL, my favorite part of those movies has always been the SHIRE. Could it be because it is in the first 20 minutes of the film? Possibly. My simple brain can’t handle complicated plot lines, blue filtered battling/action sequences or keep track of too many characters with unusual names, but it has always appreciated the tranquility and simplicity of the green pastured Hobbiton.

That and those Hobbits know how to party!

Dancing, music, food, fun, speeches, paper lantern decorations, Squeeeeee!!! That totally caught my attention and excitement watching the film with the hubs this time around (or my attempt to watch it). And in that moment was born the idea that it was absolutely NECESSARY to celebrate our birthdays in Hobbit style (our birthdays are one day apart, or I guess technically he’s exactly a day short of a year older than me. We have had joint birthday parties every year since we started dating. This is our 6th year. I know. Sappy cuteness.)


The best and most surprising part about putting this party together was the keen interest and involvement the Mr. suddenly seemed to have about the party. I’m the party girl, he usually (typically reluctantly) just goes with it. But not this time around. This was a LOTR party. You should have seen him the night before the party whipping up Lembas Bread and seed cakes as if he were trying to save middle earth from starvation. paper-lanterns

He seriously went NUTS with the food part of it. It was utterly awesome. Which left me some time to do a bit of decorating. Here is a great tutorial for paper lanterns that I used.  Here is a download of patterns I used to cut the shapes:

[Download not found]


You may have gotten hints from this and this and other posts that I’m quite cheap, or we’ll say.. resourceful. Here is a pennant banner that I came up with using wrapping paper that I had around.create-easy-pennant-banner

Some signage to welcome guests… Here is the DOWNLOAD.

Download “speak friend and enter” speak-friend-and-enter.pdf – Downloaded 1360 times – 2 MB



This was fun. We thought it proper that we use mugs for the drinks but we didn’t have enough in our stash to serve the masses, so we headed to Deseret Industries (thrift store) and bought LOTRish looking mugs. Thrice washed and rinsed, it became the drink holder for our guests and the party favor. Here are the tags I designed for the mugs. It also serves as a way to label them with names during the party. Here is the download

Download “Hobbit party Tag” hobbit-party-tag.pdf – Downloaded 813 times – 96 KB



The Lembas Bread has a hit! It was cute to even hear our little ‘hobbit’ two year old request, “Mo Lembas peeze” after he gobbled piece after piece. It was quite the delight of my LOTR loving hubs. Here is the lembas bread recipe used.



It would be tricky to have a Hobbit party without Bilbo’s favorite snack! Seed Cakes. Here is the recipe we used. 


Food, food and even more food!  Ahh, everything was so so delicious. Did I mention the husband went crazy with the food?? He did amazing, if I say so myself. The Hobbit’s delight (top right corner of picture series above) was my favorite…Bacon and mushrooms, how could you go wrong?? Here is the recipe used.

flower-hair-garland-for-hobbit-partyI  There was a little little corner set up to let the Hobbit ladies make some sassy hair garlands. I hung up some instructions that explained how to make a tissue paper flower, here is the link.hobbit-party-costume

I was more than excited to see our good friends go all out with their costumes!!  They looked specular don’t you think?!?!lembas-in-mallorn-leaf

Not only that but they even surprised us with our very own Lembas Bread pouches to take on our adventures!!! Can you believe my friend MADE these??? HOLY AMAZING. She’s so creative. Here is a tut.


Here is the download for the ‘Happy Birthday’ Signage (without our names of course)

[Download not found]


Here is the cake. Nothing special, just used a cake mix and this frosting. I decided  this is my new favorite frosting recipe!

Happy Birthday to us! YAY!!!!


Little hobbit man helping blow out candles.

LOTR-bilbos-party-fireworksCan’t have a hobbit party without fireworks!  Good thing I had some sparklers stashed around…paper-lantern

Paper lanterns at night.


And we even had (borrowed) a fire pit to cozy up and sing us some LOTR songs. Ooooh, it was so fun!

I’m happy with the way everything turned out, for a hubby that helped make it happen and friends that made it simply AWESOME. Thanks!!!

Checkout more party ideas and printables on this bloggity.

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FREE Sock Monkey Printable Decorations for Baby Shower or Birthday Party


free sock monkey baby shower printables

Ready to be spoiled rotten?? Sometimes friends or I throw showers and so I end up designing a few things for them. AND. Rather than letting those delicious files that I poured into sit in digital idleness and waste, I am here sharing them with you for free so you can go nuts and throw a ridiculously adorable baby shower of your own.  SOCK MONKEYS. Are they not the cutest, hippest thing out there now??  Well, I must give credit to my friend, Amanda, who had the genius of throwing a sock monkey baby shower. Turns out there are some PRE-EETTy insanely charming party ideas with a sock monkey themed shower out there. Who knew, monkeys made of knitted footwear= gushingly cute.

For sprucing up  your sock monkey baby shower  I present…

The paper banner (pennant) 


Download “Full Sock Monkey Banner” full-sock-monkey-banner.pdf – Downloaded 2430 times – 3 MB


This download includes a banner with the words “Little Monkey” and also includes extra patterned triangles if you just want to decorate and/or not include the letters.  To assemble you can fold top over some string and glue or staple -or- punch two holes on the top corners and thread a string through (as shown below).

Hanging monkey advice cards

This is one of my faves. I suggested some advice cards and with the monkey theme we figure it would be awesome if we could little monkeys hanging on a branch with advice on it. This is what I came up with. What is great is that once advice is written and hung others can take a tour of the monkey tree and enjoy reading the little cards during the shower.

sock monkey baby shower adice card

Download “Sock Monkey Advice Cards” sock-monkey-advice-cards-mt.pdf – Downloaded 1127 times – 3 MB

The Sock Monkey Head Labels:


monkey-head labels-01

Download “Monkey circles” monkey-head-labels-mt.pdf – Downloaded 1290 times – 7 MB

Use these labels to your hearts content as cup cake toppers, gift tags, or as we used them popcorn bag labels (see below)


Please respect my work. Please give proper credit and link back if you display on any website. Do not use for commercial purposes.

For updates on the lastest  party printables stay connected through facebook.

Need the party invites to go with it all? Since it is something that needs to be customized, I put some in my shop if you would like some made.


Here are some printable sock monkey thankyou cards available as an instant download on Etsy.

Checkout more party ideas and printables on this bloggity.