October is kind of a big deal for us. We celebrate yet another year of marriage, add one more year to the age of our first born and lets not forget the celebration of a holiday dedicated to dressing up and eating abnormal about of sugar…HALLOWEEN…oh what’s not to love?

2008-Cowboy and Indian Family Halloween Costume

It all started our first year of marriage when we thought it would be cute and funny as the utterly in love, sappy and endlessly cheesey couple we were (and still are) to do a coordinated costume. Since I looked indianish and he looked cowboyish we began with the obvious. Pocahontas and John Smith?? That’s what people thought we were. Um, sure?

(cool fact the Mr. doesn’t necessarily want revealed, I asked him to help me make my costume and he totally went nuts, first he measured and before I knew it he was cutting and sewing!  He’s embarrassed to have peeps know that but that totally makes him hotter in my eyes)


2009-Farmer, Scarecrow and Pumpkin Family Halloween Costume

The following year (yeah yeah, we got crackin’ fast!) we harvested our first little pumpkin! I took the role of farmer that grew the little sprout, and the hubs, well he scared the pregnancy crows away…whatever that means.

DSCN6836 copy

2010-School of Rock Family Halloween Costume

There is only one movie I can think of that I’ve watched several times and successfully  enjoyed and laughed as much as I did the first time I watched it. School of ROCK!!! Here we are rocking it for halloween. My son is totally petrified of his psycho Jack Black father…


2011-Pastry Chef, Bun in the Oven and Stud Muffin

bun-in-the-oven-halloween-custume stud-muffin-halloween-custume

The tot was a ‘stud muffin’. We stuffed the poor kid in an upside down lamp shade.


Old school styled stove with timer that displayed how much time left before baby arrived.

2012- X-men Family


Can you guess who each of us was?


Naturally our baby was the head of the X-men gang: Xavier. Look what we put our children through just to participate in halloween obsessions. Don’t judge us, we were totally going to buzz it off any way so it would grow in more eveningly, it just happened to be around halloween time…


This little dude of mine looks so suave and cool with his spandex Cyclops giddup not to mention with the cupcake with pile of orange frosting in his hand (and on his shirt).


And of course the hubs is the one and only wolverine. He really is.

And since I was the one snapping away, there aren’t really any more pics of me and my costume but I was the lovely and totally radical Rogue of course.

So this year we’ve totally set ourselves up to come up with something awesome and creative but I will give a spoiler alert:we might just not. Five years people, isn’t that enough?  Haha. We’ll see. Our ideas are usually last minute so  stay tuned.

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