After watching the Lego movie earlier this year,

I looked in the mirror and put my hair in a side pony tail and said, “I could totally be WyldStyle”

And suddenly we knew what our halloween costumes would be for this year.


Please cue

We might enjoy coming up with dress ups a bit too much.
My fav…baby as the 1980 something spaceguy…too perfect. Complete with jetpack (taped water bottles).


One of my brothers gave this rocking ninja turtle costume to my oldest for his birthday earlier this month and he’s  been obsessed ever since. Best part: Mikey is totally a lego character in the movie…SCORE!!!


And I gotta say, having this little boy as my “boyfriend” is the most delightful thing ever.  All day halloween he was calling me Wyldestyle.
“Could you pees open tis candy for me wyldstyle?” and “I’m batnan” (in a serious, deep, incognito 2yo batman voice)
That little batman of mine melts me everytime. I can’t resist him!!halloween-2014-lego-movie-costumes-batman

Oh, I gotta brag about my crazy brillant man. Here are his pumpkin carvings for his boys, they happened to coordinate with their costumes this year.


To learn the technique to carve pumpkins this way checkout , “Coolest way to carve your pumpkins this halloween”

Hope your halloween was just…AWESOME complete with an “everything is awesome” sound track in your head as it was for me…ok maybe you aren’t that ridiculous. But. I still hope your halloween was sweet-from all the sugar and all the sweet family memories. 😀

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