In the beginning…this was NOT gonna happen!

I had this idea for this blog and my mind ran wild with ideas of what I would include and how it would run.  I couldn’t wait to get started and have it rolling. When I was about to create it, I had a giant mental eeeerrrrchhh of a halt and realized the stark reality of my situation.  I had zero time to do it.  I had clients and projects and deadlines to meet. There were diapers to change, laundry piles to tackle and dirty dishes to wash.  I had dinners to make, a toddler to chase, husband to spend time with, church responsibilities, and you know how it goes…on and on. Heh. What a nutty thought.  Just another one of those crazy impulsive ideas I have daily, I thought.

So I neglected the idea.  At least I tried.  In the midst of all these things going on, and other ideas fighting in my brain wanting to surface their into way reality, this silly motherhood trade blog kept prodding my gray matter quite repeatedly.  I’d go through my day thinking,

‘Oh, I could put that in my motherhood trade blog…oh that one blog that doesn’t exist and that I WON’T ever let exist because there is no way I’m gonna add one more thing to do in my life right now…perhaps later when things slow down a bit and when I actually gain more adequate experience as a mother to be able to feel like I could share words of advice or wisdom in such a blog.’

Plus, seriously, ANOTHER mom blog! Is there even room in cyberspace for another one of those??

I started it anyway.  Why?  Well, I needed a place, even if it was a bare-boned site and vacant of visitors, to write down ideas concerning motherhood.  I felt like if ideas kept tapping into my head and they had no place to live and grow, they would wither and die by the time I came around to them in my illusive future abundant of free time.  Through my experiences struggling to refine this art of motherhood, I might as well share some golden nuggets to help others along their journey as well.

What I hope this to be..

My idea for this blog wasn’t for me to be the sage on stage who knows all things. Clearly I don’t, and that is the reason I sneakily wanted to start this blog so I could glean tips and advice from other peeps and hopefully we could all share and grow together.  I intend this blog to be a collaborative effort from lots of mammas that felt they had something to say on the matter. Speak up if you have an idea. If you have a great solution to a common problem. Write about it in the comments, link it up to your own blog, and let us all know about it!

About the creator of MotherhoodTrade:

Heh. Hi there, I’m Sariah Tate.  I don’t necessarily want this thing to be about me, but I’m thinking some of you want to know about the little lady behind this.

Well, some tidbits about me…

I’m a mama of 3 of the silliest boys on this earth.

I’m a wife to probably the silliest man on earth (to want to marry the silliest and craziest female on earth, really). So I guess we are just one silly family.

But, wow, I’m silly in love with them. They are my inspiration, my fascination, my motivation. They are the key to the greatest happiness available to me.

I’m a dreamer. I love ideas. I love to ponder. To visualize. To imagine a different world. To create. To make. I love a good creative challenge.  I basically live in the clouds. I’m like a kite that soars in the fluffy atmosphere of possibility. I guess a bit distant from reality, a bit out there, an airhead.  My husband is the person who holds my kite string.  With his logical, realistic, and practical point of view, it may at time seems like he holds me down, but in reality it is he is the one that keeps me up.  He is the one that lets me fly higher. He keeps it real. He keeps me grounded.I love him for it.

I’m a doodler.  I love art and creating it for others. It is my outward manifestation of my inward crazy and beauty.