This little stud muffin recently turned two (way more than a month ago is still recent, right?). I’ve just had this urge to celebrate and write about him and his lovable ways ever since.


I’m crushing on him big time, gosh what a stinkin’ heart melter. He’s sweet, loving, bubbly and one of my favorite things about him is his sheer silliness. One of my top silly delights is what he says.


 As with a lot two year olds he is quickly learning to express his little self with language. His attempts are so dripping with adorableness that his unique pronunciation and idiosyncratic expressions have become part of our FAMILY’s vocabulary. Yep, you can hear us talking like a two-year old quite often around here. Here is a  snippet of words he uses and we’ve adopted:

gacome- intended to be ‘you’re welcome’ but is used as ‘thank you’ and gracias.

My oldest went through a similar phase where we would ask him to say, “thank you”, and since we would would always respond with ‘you’re welcome’  right after he said it , he quickly learned to skip the ‘thank you’ part and say just ‘you’re welcome’ because isn’t that what we wanted him to say in the end?


dez- cheese

adut-a treat

Very important word for him. Mention adut, cake or cookies and he’s out in a flash to the kitchen. You wouldn’t guess those short chunky legs could move so fast.

Hum hum hum hum – sandwich

Why? Who knows. Maybe because one day I made him a ham sandwich? Or because he was trying to say ‘pan’ (spanish for bread). Doesn’t matter. It is how we say sandwich around here now.

zeh-zeh- Cereal

Bowl- bowl, spoon, fork

He is famous around here for his word economy. Why use precious speech muscles and brain power one you can say one word and use it for many? THe ultimate example of this was his work BOK. It meant everything important to him: book, look, dog, bug, chicken (think sound) and when he shouted it out with an outstretch pudgy arm pointing to the sky it meant, “LOOK!!!! RIGHT NOW. IT IS AIRPLANE!!!! STOP EVERYTHING AND LOOK.  He did it EVERYTIME he even heard the slightest sound of an airplane in the sky. BOK!! BOK!!! BOK!!!!!


Here he is using ‘bowl efficiency’ and with his love for food, it only makes sense to go double time.

Having an older brother he absolutely idolizes, it is amazing what he able to pick up from him. It is the difference between the 1st and 2nd child. I can recall teaching most of the words that would come out of my oldest mouth when he was that age, but with this guy, I have many double takes in surprise when I hear him say things because I had no idea he knew.

Me: Want your train?
2 yo: its a engine.
Me: Oh. I guess it is.


And the older brother connection is endlessly awesome and helpful because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed him as an interpreter.

2yo: Ariee-ba ba, Ariee-ba ba
me: (HUH??) Hey, what is your brother trying to say?
4yo: “Oopies, I forgot to put my shoes on.”
me: Really? Want to put your shoes on?
2yo: yeah.
me: whoa. that’s amazing you figured that out.
(ba ba is way of saying zapatos (pa-to) which is shoes in spanish)

Just the other day:
2yo: need the tog tair, need the tog tair
me: {hem} what do you need?
4yo: (so matter of factly) he needs his frog chair
me: oh.


Even though it seem like he has a seemingly limited or economical vocabulary, the best is when he blurts out perfectly  stuff like” I want to play mario party 8!!!” I guess you save your breath for the important things in life.

I can't get enough of this silly face.And to fully convince you of this kid’s silliness, here is a selfie with his bestest cheese ball smile that he grants us once in a delightful while when we look over at him. Ah. Love this guy.