Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! Are you just feelin like such thankful turkey today??  Well this turkey of ours totally looks like he’s been startled one too many times to be all that thankful…


Despite it’s frazzled disposition, I can’t help but find this crazy turkey we made as a fam totally endearing. I mean frumpled ‘feathers’ made by and with the hands of the little men (and one big man) of my life, each with tidbits of what they are most thankful for, how could a mom like me not find that completely gushable?  What could our 21 -month- old possible say he was thankful for??  Well, I took some liberties and wrote down some of  his favorite words as the things he is the most thankful for: takturs (tractors), eyes, bubbles, nanas (bananas), coo coos (cookies), cake, just to name a few.  My 4 yo mentioned he was thankful for things like polkadots, sidewalks and stools (step kind…).

Tis the season to be thankful. This year I have come to more fully appreciate many things I’ve always had.  I am grateful for challenges that make me grow and learn, for our sweet little home, for my chubby cheeked babies, for eternal truths that I can cling to and have even come to more deeply appreciate the help of my handy dandy rice cooker and crockpot. I’m learning that being grateful does a magical thing, it opens my eyes and heart to the abundance I’ve always lived in. It fill my souls with happiness and satisfaction. Gratitude and the ability to be thankful for what I have is a gift from heaven. The heavens bless us to see with the eyes of heaven and help us see life in the brilliance it is.



Sidenote…we made that turkey for family night and while I helped the kids trace hands, the hubs was trying to use up the crazy amounts of pumpkin puree (um, first time of doing this…two jack-o-lantern sized pumpkins makes SO much pumpkin mush. If ya wanna know how to do it, check out this pioneer woman tut) as a fhe treat. He wanted pumpkin pie but since it took a whole hour just to bake it we resorted to this DELICIOUS and so SIMPLE recipe found on my sister in laws blog. Oh my. It was divine.



What are you thankful for this thanksgiving?