Oh, it’s been a minute since I have written here, right? After the whirlwind of 2020, it feels nice to go back to my roots. You know, of bloggin’ and stuff. Because bloggin’ is a still a thing, right?? Hahah. Regardless of its current popularity, I must admit there is something nice about sending long winded thoughts mingled with images and downloads to the world…no other platform quite offers that.

Can you BELIEVE this year has flown before our eyes? Well, maybe flown isn’t the optimal way to describe 9 months of a sheer global instability…but hey, the year is actually come to an END! We all know that by mid July we sincerely thought we would not make it and HERE WE ARE. CONGRATS!

To commemorate the weirdest year of all time, the kids used their newly acquired 3D modeling skills to whip up these 3D printed beauties:

The question is, is it a snowflake or VIRUS??

I kind love that it is camouflaged as what could be an innocent snowflake ornament because how appropriate is it that it might actually be the most insidious virus we have yet experienced??


Well, the real reason why any of us are here, really, is because you might want the doodle page download. I whip one up every year a few hours before the new year….but this year just a tad earlier for you to enjoy! It is a just page where you can sit back and doodle and or color. Maybe throw in some goals. For fun. We don’t ACTUALLY know what curve balls we’ll have this year, but JUUUUST in case we CAN safely leave our house, it is fun to dream where we would actually go and do and things. A girl can dream, ya know.

Celebrating the new year.

Download “2021-goal-doodle-page.pdf” 2021-goal-doodle-page.pdf – Downloaded 161 times – 218 KB

Download “2021-goal-doodle-page.pdf” 2021-goal-doodle-page.pdf – Downloaded 161 times – 218 KB

Enjoy the doodle page download!

Well, hope you enjoy the celebration of the new year. This year I’m excited to continue a fun tradition we have had ever since Aunt Larry brought some Chinese paper lanterns to launch into the sky one year for New’s Years eve party. It was absolute MAGIC.

Since this is an activity we can do outdoors it will be perfect to invite a few loved ones. The pack I got even comes with a marker to write a new year’s wish! What a nice way to wrap up this year and look forward to a brand new one.

You could also write what you’d like to let go of. That could be quite cathartic.

Enjoy the new year, my friend!