Hi friends! I’m excited to share with you my latest and greatest project that my mind and fingers have been conspiring and that is finally coming together! A NEW site dedicated to faith building materials, thoughts, quotes, printables, videos and more create by yours truly.  it is:


I’m not all the way complete and ready but I just finished a post that might be useful for those that are teaching lessons. It is a lesson on TESTIMONY. It comes with a downloadable worksheet AND a video. Yes. I love you that much.


Go over there and enjoy! If you only come to this site for those helps, then you can get that full blown now! I’m still working on migrating the downloads but everything else is there. Yay. I will post lesson helps and faith buildling inspiration as I work on lessons for my church calling and also as I feel like sharing new insight.

Don’t worry, I will still post on this site my latest tricks of the motherhoodtrade as I get a chance. I have SO SO MUCH to share with you but it is quite busy with the littles and some other fun things I’m working on. Hang on tight and thanks so much for all of you!!

Much LOVE,

Sariah Tate