Meet Baby

Because of Amniotic Band Syndrome (find out more about ABS and follow his story on FB), Kai  needs to get surgery on his left ankle so he will be able to have full use of his foot.


“He had to get special casts on his legs…for the clubbed feet. He will have new ones put on every week for the next several months and then braces for years after that. He is an amazing kid who has gone through so much. He is handling everything exceptionally well ” -Kai’s mom, Aleisha 2/27/14

To honor and celebrate his birth and all the miracles this family has experienced so far, my friend Janie had the brilliant idea to hold a bake sale. All proceeds went to support baby Kai.






Look for printables below!


This is Kai’s mom, Aleisha. She has taken this experience and used social media to share her story and create ABS awareness. She has also created a blog to support mother’s on bed rest by sharing her experience and allowing others to submit theirs.

There was no shortage of support and DELICIOUS treats.


cream filled chiffon cupcakeslemon-barsDivine lemon barsorange-rollsOH. MY. DEEElishes orange rolls.rice-krispies


LOVE these ladies!!!

bake saleProud daddy!

If you’re heart strings are feeling it and you want to help baby Kai and his family, feel free to donate to their FUNDLY and feel the sweet blessing of giving!

I enjoyed designing the above printable banner, tent cards and sign. I’m excited to share them on my etsy shop!  They are great because you can use the for ANYTHING!! Any party, occasion or even to have a fun saying stung in your home (full alphabet banner). Once purchased you are welcome to print as much as your life needs celebration (um..everyday!) All proceeds will go to baby Kai for the month of May 2015!! Find in lime green, teal or