Alright. I’m going to start reviewing products I’m crazy about. These articles will highlight items I use ALL the time and that are perfect for me and my lifestyle.  I can’t help telling every mama and person out there about them!!

One of my favorite purchases that still makes me giddy is my Phil and Ted Double Stroller. It features all the good ideas for a stroller all rolled into one. I’m OBSESSED with it. These guys were seriously thinking!  I had gone through 3-4 other types of strollers before I even knew this beauty existed. And once I heard that this genius innovation of a kid pusher contraption was out there, I HAD to have one. Just in case you are uninformed about the greatest stroller in existence, take a peek at this little graphic illustrating how incredibly versatile this baby buggy is:

Here is the rundown of my favorite attributes in this beauty:

  • If you are going to have more than one kid, it is totally worth it!!! Consider it an investment that your whole family will use and adapt as it changes and grows!!
  • It is inline so when you use it for two kids, it isn’t double wide
  • Double kit attaches and detaches so you can go from single to double stroller as your family grows or as you need it (and not have to deal with the traditional big old awkward double stroller with only one kid riding in it)
  • The handle bar. It’s awesome. It adjusts to YOUR height (Since I’m short, this really comes in handy. There is no discomfort after adjusting. Also my husband doesn’t complain about pushing a short stroller because he can switch to accommodate for his height.)
  • It has a ‘follow the sun’ canopy that shades your child no matter which direction the sun is pointing. The canopy can also be totally removed if needed.
  • It folds surprisingly flat and is easier to fold than any other stroller I have had (with the exception of a dinky umbrella stroller)
  • Car seat carriers fit right into it! Ah. And it doesn’t have to be a specific brand like most strollers to fit (so nice!).
  • It is a jogger stroller so you can go RUNNING with it. Even if you don’t, you get the smoothest ride possible with inflatable tires and swivel wheels (you can also fix wheel for running).
  • Don’t tell Phil and Ted I let you in on this trick of the trade because I might get in trouble, but you can actually ride THREE kids in this thing. You can have an older child (who got tired on along the way) sit on the front triangle part of the stroller and hold onto the front bar. They ride relatively comfortably and safely (um…for the most part! There obviously aren’t any restraining belts so don’t sue me if something happens, ha!)

And to keep things in balance, let me list things you should watch out for:

  • It is an EXPENSIVE stroller. It cost about $400. Even though we are poor, I was still determined to have this because I loved the idea SO much and figured I could spend the same going from crappy stroller to crappy double stroller. I felt I would use it with ALL our kids, and it would be the last stroller we would ever have to get. So I saved up my money and bought it from Amazon! Check Craigslist for second-hand deals. Here is where one is available on Amazon. Phil Teds Classic Stroller with Double Kit – Black
  • It doesn’t have a cup holder. Might not be a deal breaker for most, but if you are used to being able to stash your stuff or drink, then try my trick: I use a carrier bag with a front cup holder and strap it around the handlebar. It lays flush with the back of the stroller and it works perfectly. Or try what my friend did. Put your regular diaper bag over the handle bar like so:phil&ted-stroller-bag
  • The brake is convenient because it locks both wheels but it can be hard to push down and up (or maybe I’m just weak)
  • The double attachment can be awkward for your little one because of lack of leg room. This happens if you have too much stuff in your basket. It can also be an issue if the child isn’t used to sitting with his or her front view blocked off. However, he or she will probably get used to looking to the side(like they do in a car anyway).  And you will remember to minimize your load if you use the double kit attachment.

I think that covers the best stroller ever!

Let me know what you think if you end up getting one or if you already have one!!.