There are so many face masks out there but the other day my friend @laurieellsworthphotography showed me the best I’ve seen yet. She designed it herself, it’s absolute genius. I HAD to share it!
I got multiple DMs for the pattern and so she drew one up and we did a full tutorial on it my stories and now it here and on Youtube.

It’s genius because it’s simple, beautiful, protective and incredibly adaptable.

You can insert a filter or disposable mask for added protection and elongating the use of the disposable.

She also teaches how to uses a T-shirt to make soft, stretchy ties keeping in in mind that there is basically no elastic left in stores.

It adjusts perfectly and comfortably to your face without excess ties because it threads behind your neck and  through the mask to tie behind your head with a single tie. NO ear strain or fatigue!

She even adds floral wire for added nose support creating a beautiful form fitting, comfortable, protective mask. 

Watch what I mean:

Here is the pattern for download:
I hope this helps! 
Comment below if you end up doing it or if you have questions.
Stay safe!