If you’ve wiped enough little bums in your life, you likely have a lotta those plastic wipe containers laying around (or regrettably them thrown away now that you’ve see this post, ha! No worries, start collecting now or steal them from your little-bum-wipping neighbor :D.)   With enough of them around I realized that I could ingeniously reuse them for other things my life needed beyond the wipe holdin’.


1. Grocery bag dispenser.  I use this a ton! I can finally use up those piles of grocery sacks that we get each week by stuffing them in my wipes containers.  I keep a dispenser under my bathroom sinks to line garbages and next to baby changing stations to take soiled diapers out and line diaper waste baskets. Ah. Simply awesome. And because I want to you enjoy this trick of the trade as soon as possible in the most fashionable way I created a printout of the label for your dispenser.

Download “Baggies PDF” baggie-wipes.pdf – Downloaded 740 times – 145 KB



2. Crayons container.  Round up all those crayons in this niffy box. See a straggler crayon lying around? Slip it back in place one-handedly with the pop of an easy-to-openlid. Want your littles picasso’s to doodle up some crayon art, take of the main lid and let them have full access.

Download “Crayons label” printable.pdf – Downloaded 678 times – 2 MB


3. Cars box. This is insanely popular with my little boys (1 and 3 yr right now). It solved the problem of little matchbox cars with no homes and eased much of the “That’s my car!!” fit since they each get their own box with cars that they can call their own. Oh, and it is hours of entertainment for them just pushing the that pop lid open and stuff their cars through the hole. Then they open the main lid dump the cars and start over.  I let my dude go crazy and put stickers all over his but I also created a free downloadable printable ‘cars box’ label that even has a space for you to personalize your little dues box with his (or her!) name.


Download “Cars label for wipes box” cars-wipe-container-labels.pdf – Downloaded 632 times – 1 MB


If you think of any other brilliant ways to use a wipes container or just want a generic label (don’t want ‘baggies’ on your  labels for some reason) that you can use this blank printable to your hearts content.


Download “Blank Label” blank-wipe-container.pdf – Downloaded 682 times – 282 KB


Tell us your brilliant ways to repurpose wipes containers in comments below, we all want to hear!