Lds object lesson plug into the spirit Here is an object lesson/story analogy that might help in understanding how putting Christ in our lives and ‘taking upon Him his name’ goes beyond going ‘through the motions’. This can go along with the YW lesson, “What does it mean to take upon myself the name of Jesus Christ?”. Here are additional thoughts and a printable handout with that lesson.

There was a time when I sat at my computer and started typing, but nothing showed up on my screen. My computer was obviously on, so I thought is my computer frozen?  I moved the mouse and the cursor engaged, so that wasn’t the problem. I was going through the motions of typing with no results.  I finally realized that I hadn’t plugged in the keyboard to my computer.

It hit me that I often experienced this same thing spiritually. There are moments that I catch myself going through the “motions” of churchy rituals like attending church, taking the sacrament, reading scriptures and saying prayers. But I forgot to strive to make a connection with God or the Spirit. When I finally connect to Him in heart and mind, I see the power of those ‘motions’ working in my life. My efforts are magnified and life becomes clear and happier.

I feel that to take upon ourselves the name of Christ means to do everything we can to always have that connection to His spirit. We must plug in our spiritual ‘keyboards’ to Him. Then our personal efforts and ‘keystrokes’ are motivated, magnified and come alive by and through Him. We become a conduit, a witness of light of Him through our actions.

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