February is famous for Valentines day, celebration of couples, pinks, reds, chocolates and all the things associate with sappy, gushy romantic LOVE. While I am so happy to celebrate the love between my spouse and I, I’m also excited to think more about LOVE in general. You know, the stuff that not only gives life to a relationship but  substance, color and vitality to all accepts of things that are life!  Yes, love in the broader, real and all encompassing respect.

Here is are a some of my sentiments and truths I feel about LOVE scribbled out on a chalkboard*:

Love is kind, patient, honest

Not selfish or jealous

Love embraces all good

Creates all beauty

Enables all peace

Love is the fountain of all JOY.


The other day I got a tiny bit of the crafting bug and decided to make these totally simple hearts with my little dude to decorate our branches (we throw on season stuff once in a while). Scroll through and check out how simple it is…



Cut out two small pieces of construction paper.heart2

Fold in half.


Cut half of a heart shape-made sure seam is on the inner part of the ‘heart’


Two hearts.


Cut slits half way up the hearts, one that starts from the bottom, the other that starts from the top.


Insert together to make 3D heart


Tie or tape some string and hang!

Enjoy love month!

For downloadable February Calendar click HERE.

* Chalkboard was made last year with a UGLY DI (2nd hand store) framed picture that I spray painted with black and white paint. Yes. it wasn’t even chalkboard paint! I totally cheated but it has worked and is still working wonderfully. Such an easy way to add some festiveness!!!.