Hi Friends!

Happy Thanks giving! It has been a while, yes? I have not forgotten about this dear blog and you lovely reader. Lot’s has been going on. Let’s see. Before I fell off the face of the earth I was just about to post about an article I wrote  (a while back now) on orsoshesay.com about creating the home of your dreams in one simple way. I just reread my own writing and it’s actually quite insightful and a good reminder for me..ha…I love when my old self helps me.  ANYYYWAY. It was such an honor writing for OSSS but there came a a moment earlier this year where I had to make firm decisions on how to spend my time. I  decided to spend most of it trying to nurture, first, my little family and second making sure my little business idea could blossom (whhaaaa business idea…keep reading, I’ll explain) I feel like once it is off the ground I can get a better idea of how to merge my passions together (or not..not sure yet). I still have a desire to share ‘tricks of the motherhood trade’ and help parents and families with helpful ideas any way I can. I also have the seekingeternaltruth.com site that was a result of me creating handouts for my church calling…its stuff that ended up piling on this site and I felt it needed a site of it’s own. So if you come here for the YW, LDS handouts, you might appreciate subscribing to the other site.

Just a little word on my little business idea just incase you haven’t heard about it. I designed a little diaper bag that I felt needed to be out in the world. As a mama of 3 kids I put much thought into the design to make sure it included everything I could want in a diaper bag and more. Now it is available for parents that need it.

Basically it’s a compact diaper bag, small enough to be an insert in my regular tote. Whats nice is that it dispenses wipes, tissues and baggies and then it even unfolds into a changing station with all your dispensers at your finger tips. The picture will explain better:



Here’s a video to see it in action:

There’s an indiegogo campaign going on right now that is raising the money to keep this little company alive and also a great way to get a bag for yourself for a pretty slick deal…just in time for Christmas! Go to Pekebuo.com to check out the official site.

In other news…the world. BIta comotions, yes? The elections and the aftermath have left many shaken with fear and confusion. I believe that in the discomfort we maybe awaken to what we actually want and need and turn our thoughts and actions to create it. Here are some thoughts I wrote the other day that helped me sort through it. This is how I feel:

A house divided against itself cannot stand…it’s a fundamental truth. Maybe the real challenge isn’t trying to figure out who is right and who was wrong or who is good and who is bad. What if we were actually on the same team the whole time? What if the name of the game wasn’t who is winning but how to do we win together? Maybe it isn’t about one upping another, but uplifting one another.  Maybe the end goal isn’t about having people come to your way of thinking but to allow for conversation so we can all come to greater truth. Perhaps the time has presented itself that we fully accept one of the most challenging responsibilities of our humanity: allow the diversity to enrich us instead of the divide us. In fact, perhaps the diversity is just a surface ordeal. Maybe we are way more than just our backgrounds, opinions, beliefs, even words and actions.  Deep inside, we all long for same stuff: unity, connection and love. Criticizing each other creates the complete opposite: separation, fear and withdraw. So, let’s unite. Let’s talk ideas, lets really LISTEN to each other’s opinions, even and especially if they are different. TOGETHER we can unveil ways to improve but lets never forget that underneath it all we are one people.  In that purpose we can all come together as we strife for greater unity, greater peace, greater connection.  TOGETHER we can move forward as a people of the world to bring about and witness our potential as a people.


the end. bye now.