I’ve been meaning to post about the arrival of our third little one, well, since his arrival. It’s been almost 6 months now. That might be one of the most indicative things of how it has been having 3 kiddies…no time for much else besides sheer survival!

The final month of preggo-ness
Lets start where I left off. Given my record of grumpy pregnancies, I’m happy to report I did surprisingly well during this last pregnancy. and learned MUCH on how to bear uncomfortable times with a happy heart (for the most part, at least).  Honestly speaking, that last month was quite torturous. Telling an 8 months pregnant lady that baby will arrive any day now for an entire month is pure mental anguish (thanks doc). Apparently you CAN hang at a 3-4 cm dialated and 90% effaced for an almost an entire month. Add frequent braxton hicks, an active baby and a small body to hold it all (he gave me an internal bruise from all that womb partying!), I seriously thought and felt like I was in labor at least once every single day. Thinking this guy was surely gonna come earlier (the last baby certainly did), he decided he was actually quite comfortable staying inside me until the day before his due date.

When I finally had him, I was so excited to see him and hold him at last but frankly I was almost equally excited and so relieved that I wasn’t pregnant anymore!

Labor and delivery

My man and I joke that I’m basically in really slow uncomfortable labor for the last couple months not only because I contract so frequently and gradually, slowly progress with it (dilate and efface) but because when REAL labor kicks in, our last two babies are so ready they have arrived in a snap.

We entered the hospital at midnight and this little guy clocked in at 12:25am. I was in the hospital for less than a half hour before I had him. I could have had him in the car if I had waited longer! Eeeek! It was 1.5 hours of labor total.


I know it is criminal how quick my deliveries are. I’m lucky my active labor doesn’t last forever as I have heard many friends cue me in on their endless marathons. I’m also fortunate I’ve been able to deliver naturally without any complications (Did I have much choice with such fast labors??).

I’m not against epidurals since I certainly LOVED mine with my first child (so did the hubby). The method you choose to bring your baby into the world certainly doesn’t impact the quality of mother you are.

Each method brings it’s own unique experience. With the epidural I was able to comfortably talk with my spouse and nurse while I was in full blown labor. It was fantastic!  Ultimately, the goal is to welcome an infant into the world.

I do, however, want say my natural births have been incredible experiences for me! After the intensity of labor, it was such a rush of euphoria, relief, and satisfaction. The fierce bond I felt with the helpless little person after that surge is beyond this world. I also COULD NOT believe that I had just had a baby considering the way I felt after delivery. Anyway, in a future post, I want to talk about my birthing experiences in more detail  and share techniques that helped me for those that might be considering a natural birth experience.


The three kid thing

When people ask me what it’s like having 3 kids I’ve often answered,

“I think its when motherhood swallows you whole”

To enjoy it at this stage mean to surrender to being a mother completely. I guess I didn’t even realize what I was even holding back when I had one kid and especially thought I was giving it all when I had two. It was my sincere ALL for those first two!  Three kids has pushed me to a max I didn’t know I even had. I believe it must be true with every child. Each new little person taking you to limits you didn’t even know existed.

DSC_0054-bw-boys copy

Really makes me reconsider wanting the fourth child. And now even more aware of the insanity of wanting six that I initially hoped!

Lets be real. I’m still only six months out. I’m in the total thick of it. It won’t be long before the heavens are ready and the angels give me mother amnesia to blind me of the current insanity. The ‘trap age’ as we had a friend call it. We can’t help but agree. For us it is when things start smooth sailing again and gushingly adorable 18ish month olds beckon the arrival of the next sibling. But we’ll see what life has in store for us, I guess.


Even with the sheer madness of adding more to your family brood, there is magic that occurs in the heart of a mother, a father and a sibling with each new member. Each soul adds more room for love and heaven’s bliss.


I jokingly tell people that baby #3 is my favorite. Not because I didn’t care for the others as much but because the others have done such a marvelous job breaking me into motherhood that I can now even more deeply enjoy the 3rd.  Here is a long-over-due pic overdose of this guy. DSC_0108EMRYS-BW-mt









Yes this little baby of mine has brought so many wonderful feelings into our home. Its crazy how the presence of a happy baby can delight so many, so easily.


Peek into my everyday boy filled life!

My older boys just LOVE him. Though, I believe that expressing affection and care when you are a rough tough little man might be challenging. Their hugs and kisses to their littler brother are rarely free of a rough element like pokes in the face or squishing some part of him (ok. I guess, squishing some part of this irresistible chubba is unavoidable).


The sibling interaction with baby is pretty entertaining and sweet. (A pleasant surprise since oldest brother was NOT fond the 2nd baby’s arrival for a good while, it was quite rough!)  They love to see him giggle and get such a kick out of any new development from baby.

Daddy also loves this chub. And he also loves to scare mama with this trick. I can’t get over that BabyE often smiles and giggles when he performs this circus act.daddy-balance

We are indeed bless to have this little love in our lives. My heart is filled with continual gratitude (…though there maybe with some interruptions at night when he’s screaming).


six month old baby E

Future post!
I’m also excited to eventually share that I finally figured out a way to comfortably get and store my own milk easily and naturally without using a pump (probably not what you think). Ah. So many things I want to talk and share about, so little time!