***NOW AVAILABLE: 2016 CALENDARs (under $2!!)***

Hey hey. I know it’s a bit criminal to be talking about next year when this year is still too young (for me at least) to even mention its farewell but…I was asked by sugardoodle.net whip up a 2015 set  of calendars to be feature as one of their guest bloggers as part of the launch of the new site (woot woot!!)…so here ya go!!! Brace yourself for a year full of good times…cause at least you’ll have some rockin calendars to plan for it! Ha. Enjoy.

free printable 2015 calendars

[Download not found]



**UPDATE***OCT 5th 2014***
In my groggy postpartum state I made a few errors on the calendars, my apologies!!! The download above should have my edits.

**UPDATE***OCT 30th 2014***
Alright, alright, this is getting really silly but apparently there were a few MORE bloopers on the calendar. I know. Don’t EVER trust a sleep deprived mother of three crazies to make calendars again!!! I’m seriously just out to mess everyone’s year up by sending out hundreds of miss printed calendars to create chaos and confusion everywhere, muwhahahahahahaha…ok. I’ll stop now. Hey, at least by the time the new year rolls around, they might actually be correct. The updated version is now available. Let me know if anyone else catches more mess ups. Sorry bouts that.

***NOW AVAILABLE: 2016 CALENDARs (under $2!!)***