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How to manage emotions in a healthy way.

Key Point of video and some additional insight

One the of the greatest life skills

One the of the greatest life skill we and our kids can learn in this life is how to deal with our emotions.  Dealing with our feelings in a healthy way is key to achieving a sense of wellbeing and vital in creating healthy relationship with others and ourselves.

How to manage emotions in a healthy way

The Sun

In the video above I illustrated a sun and it represents all our good and happy feelings. Feelings that communicate that we are happy, lovable, competent and important. Basically any feeling that is warm and yummy to us and that help us feel our real worth. It is always available to us.

The Cloud

A build of up negative feelings creates a cloud between us and good feelings we could have.  It essentially ‘blocks’ out the sun. Many times we even believe that the ‘sun’ (or good feelings) don’t exist because of the cloud that is not letting  happy feelings in.

The Inner Battle

It doesn’t matter what is going on around us, what is going on inside us speaks our reality.  (See this post about how I discovered inner peace was my biggest priority of the day) What we think and feel IS our world. If we feel choatic inside, we will see chaos everywhere around us. If we feel unloved, everything around us will only justify that emotion. Take care of what is going on inside first, let the sun in and you will be able to see things clearer! Then you will be are ready to better take on the world around you.

How to deal with the yuck inside. Releasing the rain, letting the clouds part, go.

Learn ways to help you channel out the yucky feelings. I have found journaling what I’m feeling and resolving to feel peace again in writing helps does wonders! Going for a run to clear out my head is a great way too. Speaking an argument outloud in another room just to get it out of me (instead of on a person) has the same effect without hurting me or another person. If there is a lot of tension, CRYING helps me release much of that build up. Whatever you do, your job is to:

1.validate your own feelings: I feel this way and it is ok to feel anything. Feelings, though strong, potent, vivid and real are NOT facts. Negative feelings can lie and distort reality.

2.Release the emotion, get the yuckies out. (cry, run, punch pillow, scream in closet, journal it out.) Take POSITIVE action with negative Feelings.  Your negative feelings will strongly tell you otherwise but you are can be incharge of what you do.

3.Then let it go by not blaming anyone: not yourself, situations or others. FORGIVENESS of others AND YOURSELF is the most freeing thing you can possibly do. It heals and helps you move forward.

4. You will feel more calm and ready to better conquer the outer battles

Remember, own your feelings but don’t let them own you.

own your feelings, but don't let them own you

Many Great methods: Recovery International

My fabulous friend Erin (in the video) teaches the Recovery International (RI) method to mothers and helps us learn how to turn around our negative and insecure thoughts around whenever we feel ourselves getting worked up (raise your hand if you get worked up over stuff!!!).  It has worked wonders in her own life! I have personally have learn SO much from her and Dr. Lows (RI creater) methods and readings. I highly recommend it to anyone. For more info, go to her fb group, here is the official RI website explaining more and here are some ‘spots’ (truths that help turn our thoughts around).

The Rain can help you Grow

Anytime we release that negative emotion in a positive way and turn our feelings around, we GROW!  We receive greater strength and wisdom to deal with negative emotions for the next time we encounter them. Our self control rewards us with self-respect and confidence. Our relationship flourish. We enjoy greater happiness! We can feel the sun again!  we need the rain

Are you feeling inspired to make a change in your life? Here are my 7 tips for success!  I’m all about learning how to be a happier healthier mama! It helps me and everyone around me. Enjoy happiness my friend!.

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How to harness your body to do and become what you want!

Our bodies are da BOMB.

Our body is the very vehicle that helps us perform in life! It is what carries us from one place to another, helps us achieve our dreams and greatest desires. It is the vessel through which we experience the greatest pleasures and sensations this world has to offer.  It is a masterpiece in external beauty and internal function. It creates life. It is the greatest gift we will ever receive. Of all the things God created, this body of our is His greatest!


Why not give it a fighting chance? Feed it, nourish it, strengthen its muscles, love it, let it flourish with you. Why not partner up with the very machine that your spirit is in! Work together to accomplish and experience your divine greatness!

Our body is a BEAST: Keep it happy.

By it’s very nature your body is a beast. It’s beastly nature is best displayed when it is unhappy and deprived. It can be stubborn, lazy, selfish, demeaning, carnal, appetite driven, bossy, quite belittling and simply out of control! The trick then is to tame this beast! Taming it by keeping it happy, well fed and nourished with what it NEEDS not just what it wants. Once happy, it will become more tame and docile and we can work with it to help us experience all the deep desires of our hearts! We can it discipline to do exactly what we need it to do and help us become who we want to become.

tame and discipline the beast within

(Here is a twist on your kid toys… Haha. I know this is silly but maybe it can help some people visualize this concept.)

What does our body or ‘beast’ need to be happy? You know the good stuff you’ve always know it needs: regular and enough sleep, regular exercise, and eating right, lots of water and plenty of breaks!

What should you eat? Think of it this way: Our body was put on this earth and the earth supplies everything our bodies need to thrive and perform at it’s most optimal level. The closer a food is to its most natural state, usually the better for our bodies. The more processed, refined and more it deviates from it’s original form the less beneficial it usually is for us.

I personally don’t diet or eat perfectly healthy because I do love me my  Chocolate Eclair Pancakes and caramel popcorn on occasion and other wonderful fatty and sugary awesomeness but I believe the key is balance and striving to give your body the best as often as you can.

Our body will sabotage our efforts if we let it.

Notice the unhappy beast like to show up when we are stressed, tired and hungry. When it feels deprived it will undoubtedly try to take over. When it does it will throw all your logic, wisdom, common sense out the window because its primal drive is strong and it knows zero reason.

Trying to eat right? Well if you have been starving all day it will try to binge on the closest package of oreos!

Trying to practice patience with your kids? Heh, well watch how successful your efforts are when you are tired or stressed.  The beast will most likely try to take over and give them all sound spankings!

So give yourself a fighting chance!

Don’t let the beast stomp over what you are trying to achieve and become. Train your body to work with you, make it easy for you to win by what feeding it what it needs, taking the breaks it needs and getting regular exercise to help channel out stress!  Your body can facilitate all you want in life it doesn’t have to rob you of it! Give it optimal nourishment for optimal performance. The more you give your body what it needs and less of what it wants, the more your body will start to want what it needs!


Imagine loving and wanting a juicy apple, crisp carrots, lush salads, hearty whole grains not only because they tastes genuinely delicious and are satisfying but also because of the lasting good feeling they continue to give you. Healthy food is something you can grow to love that also loves back!

Love your bodies.

Don’t worry about what the mirror or scales says, that will take care of itself when you start to take care of you.

LOVE YOUR BODY Don't worry about what the mirror or scale says•••••••  that will take care of itself when you start to take care of you.

Focus on teaming up with your body and empowering that partnership called your soul. That is what is important and what counts.  You are in charge of your body, don’t let it be in charge of you!  Be kind, respectful and gentle. Celebrate your victories and learn from your setbacks.  Focus on creating a sustainable lifestyle, one that keeps you healthy, balanced, motivated and happy. YOU CAN DO IT.  You CAN attain self mastery and overcome self-enslavement, you were born to WIN that battle! You have all the right and power to live up to your divine greatness!!!! Peace love and happiness is yours for the taking, own up to it!

Are you feeling inspired to make a change in your life?? Read my 7 tips for success here!  Put knowledge in action, start a health vision board here!