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3 ways to repurpose a baby wipe container (w/ free printable labels!)


If you’ve wiped enough little bums in your life, you likely have a lotta those plastic wipe containers laying around (or regrettably them thrown away now that you’ve see this post, ha! No worries, start collecting now or steal them from your little-bum-wipping neighbor :D.)   With enough of them around I realized that I could ingeniously reuse them for other things my life needed beyond the wipe holdin’.


1. Grocery bag dispenser.  I use this a ton! I can finally use up those piles of grocery sacks that we get each week by stuffing them in my wipes containers.  I keep a dispenser under my bathroom sinks to line garbages and next to baby changing stations to take soiled diapers out and line diaper waste baskets. Ah. Simply awesome. And because I want to you enjoy this trick of the trade as soon as possible in the most fashionable way I created a printout of the label for your dispenser.

Download “Baggies PDF” baggie-wipes.pdf – Downloaded 537 times – 145 KB



2. Crayons container.  Round up all those crayons in this niffy box. See a straggler crayon lying around? Slip it back in place one-handedly with the pop of an easy-to-openlid. Want your littles picasso’s to doodle up some crayon art, take of the main lid and let them have full access.

Download “Crayons label” printable.pdf – Downloaded 488 times – 2 MB


3. Cars box. This is insanely popular with my little boys (1 and 3 yr right now). It solved the problem of little matchbox cars with no homes and eased much of the “That’s my car!!” fit since they each get their own box with cars that they can call their own. Oh, and it is hours of entertainment for them just pushing the that pop lid open and stuff their cars through the hole. Then they open the main lid dump the cars and start over.  I let my dude go crazy and put stickers all over his but I also created a free downloadable printable ‘cars box’ label that even has a space for you to personalize your little dues box with his (or her!) name.


Download “Cars label for wipes box” cars-wipe-container-labels.pdf – Downloaded 448 times – 1 MB


If you think of any other brilliant ways to use a wipes container or just want a generic label (don’t want ‘baggies’ on your  labels for some reason) that you can use this blank printable to your hearts content.


Download “Blank Label” blank-wipe-container.pdf – Downloaded 493 times – 282 KB


Tell us your brilliant ways to repurpose wipes containers in comments below, we all want to hear!


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How can I prepare to become a righteous wife and mother printable

I teach a group of teenaged girls at my church. Here is printable I created for them to take notes of things they felt particularly impressed about ‘preparing now to become a righteous wife and mother.” I wanted something they would want to put on their mirrors or hang somewhere in their rooms so they could remember.


DOWNLOAD ‘How can I prepare to become a righeous wife and mother’ printable notecard PDF


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Grocery Shopping tricks

Grocery shopping is an art–like painting–very messy if done with kids!  My hubs actually thinks it’s ‘more fun’ to take the kids to the store while I, on the other hand agree with the meme, ” You know your life has changed when going shopping by yourself is a vacation” ~motherhood.

AAAAnnyway…these are some tricks I’ve picked up along the way that work well for us so far…

It starts ways before you hit the store.  I have a meal plan that I can scan quickly for the  “what to buy” column for each week and quickly jot down the items I need to make dinners (left-overs become next day’s lunch) for each week.

Make your dollar count. Shop deals and price match. Here is a trick I learned from Jordan at The fun cheap of Free Queen. To stay in budget (like us) or really get the most for your buck you can price match at Walmart. Whaaaat?  Did you know that you can match ANY competitor’s price with or without the ad at Walmart?  You realize what this means?? You can get ALL the deals (see her post for more details) you want from every grocer in ONE place.  The most genius way to do this is writing down the deals you want on sticky notes, and sticking them on the item when you go to the store. The ONLY thing you have to do at check-out is say, “I have some price matches, they are on the sticky notes. ” Your checker will be so pleased with how easy you have made it for them… they really are. They mention it all the time when I do it.

Organize Your Grocery List
Having my grocery list organized a bit has helped me be more efficient when I shop.  I created this simple grocery list with basic categories (see and download below).  I print out a couple at a time, slice them up, staple it at the top to a piece of card stock about the same size as the paper and tape a magnet to the back, whala- custom made grocery list fridge magnet.  Having it as a fridge magnet helps us just write things down right as we realize we are out of something during the week.
I included lots of lines and made it double column so you can separate the sections even more if needed (pantry on the left, frozen on the right).  If enough people think there is a better way to organize it, I might just re-post an improved one. I’m all about improving the system! (Aug 29th 2013 edit– I changed the grocery list a bit, wider lines, condensed other/household. I hope it works better, if for some reason you liked the old list, here it is)

Tell us your tricks of the trade when it comes to grocery shopping, we all want to know how you do it!

grocery list-improved_grocery list


UPATED 5/29/15! Improved Grocery List!!

[Download not found]

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Give Loving service calendar

I’m guessing’ you are looking for a printable for your lesson or some inspiration?? Great news, All faith building content has moved to!!

A site created by yours truly (Sariah Tate), jam packed with all the feel good, inspiring, faith building content, printables you are looking for! Yay. Click here for this specific give Loving service calendar

Seeking Eternal Truth Banner from MT-02



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FREE Sock Monkey Printable Decorations for Baby Shower or Birthday Party


free sock monkey baby shower printables

Ready to be spoiled rotten?? Sometimes friends or I throw showers and so I end up designing a few things for them. AND. Rather than letting those delicious files that I poured into sit in digital idleness and waste, I am here sharing them with you for free so you can go nuts and throw a ridiculously adorable baby shower of your own.  SOCK MONKEYS. Are they not the cutest, hippest thing out there now??  Well, I must give credit to my friend, Amanda, who had the genius of throwing a sock monkey baby shower. Turns out there are some PRE-EETTy insanely charming party ideas with a sock monkey themed shower out there. Who knew, monkeys made of knitted footwear= gushingly cute.

For sprucing up  your sock monkey baby shower  I present…

The paper banner (pennant) 


Download “Full Sock Monkey Banner” full-sock-monkey-banner.pdf – Downloaded 2413 times – 3 MB


This download includes a banner with the words “Little Monkey” and also includes extra patterned triangles if you just want to decorate and/or not include the letters.  To assemble you can fold top over some string and glue or staple -or- punch two holes on the top corners and thread a string through (as shown below).

Hanging monkey advice cards

This is one of my faves. I suggested some advice cards and with the monkey theme we figure it would be awesome if we could little monkeys hanging on a branch with advice on it. This is what I came up with. What is great is that once advice is written and hung others can take a tour of the monkey tree and enjoy reading the little cards during the shower.

sock monkey baby shower adice card

Download “Sock Monkey Advice Cards” sock-monkey-advice-cards-mt.pdf – Downloaded 1112 times – 3 MB

The Sock Monkey Head Labels:


monkey-head labels-01

Download “Monkey circles” monkey-head-labels-mt.pdf – Downloaded 1268 times – 7 MB

Use these labels to your hearts content as cup cake toppers, gift tags, or as we used them popcorn bag labels (see below)


Please respect my work. Please give proper credit and link back if you display on any website. Do not use for commercial purposes.

For updates on the lastest  party printables stay connected through facebook.

Need the party invites to go with it all? Since it is something that needs to be customized, I put some in my shop if you would like some made.


Here are some printable sock monkey thankyou cards available as an instant download on Etsy.

Checkout more party ideas and printables on this bloggity.


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How to create a meal plan that works for you!


Click on link below to download printable pdf. Slip it into a sheet protector (or a frame or laminate it), slap a magnet on the back throw it on your fridge and whaa-la you have a dry-erase menu ready to go!


Ah. That wonderful hour before dinner time. Everyone is tired, grouchy and just plain HUNGRY and you have no clue what to make for dinner because no ingredients in the fridge or cupboard match any of the recipes you’ve been looking at…  Familiar to anyone? Well it certainly was for me. It was basically an everyday scene. I dreaded dinner time. I got so sick it happening everyday, the whole dinner shenanigan, but you know, I couldn’t  stop dinner, mealing and eating from needing to occur everyday so I  knew I just had to change my approach.

The weekly dinner meal plan dilemma 

I had heard of  meal plan but my attempts at creating one most often consistent of this crazy frenzy right before one of us was about to leave to go grocery shopping, so you can imagine, it was quite a scramble. The stress of it  discouraged me from wanted to keep doing it.  But I did love the feeling and ease of having one when I did make one though. So one day it hit me that I would just create a giantic meal plan that I wouldn’t have to recreate every week… one for the whole month! Basically four weeks of meal plans that I could rotate through.

Here is how I did it

I piled up the cook books that I usually used and collected all the recipes that I usually made..which I was surprised to find was only like 10 meals…wow…only 20 more to go.  I only got to like 26, which worked because I calculated that a least once or twice a week I wouldn’t cook because of other family dinners,  need for a quick fix day or left overs. It got more elaborate. I wanted to make sure we didn’t have three days of rice dishes in a row or chicken dishes in a row. I also wanted make it easy to know what I needed to get from the store. I put all the recipes in this on a google spread sheet and outlined the following for each recipe.

1. Recipe name
2. Make sure you have (ingredients that I usually have on hand)
3. What I should buy fresh (what would go on the grocery list every week)
4. Where to find recipe (Recipe book and page number. I started printing out all the recipes I found online and put them in the same binder as the spreadsheet)
5. meat/starch (so-”C, R” for chicken and rice. This was mainly to easily set up weekly plans to include a variety. I set it up so we’d have at least one vegetarian dish a week)

I color coded each week so I could see were one week began and end at a glance.

I make more than enough for each meal so we could have the leftover for the lunch the next day. If there is even more left overs it goes in the freezer for quick fixes later.

***EXCITING UPDATE!! The ultimate meal planner to create meal plan as explained is available for you to download for free!***** (Click on link below image)meal-planner-01


[Download not found]


Ok. I know what you are thinking.  This  seems like an insane amount of work and I must be an organization nut. Truth reveal is, I’m probably one of the most scattered brained, disorganized individuals you could meet. That is exactly why this is SO good for me and exactly why I know you can do it too if you want to give it a whirl. It might just change your life. Like it has mine. Seriously, it really only takes a few hours if even that or so of intial sit down work BUT what it SAVES you in time, money and stress is more than you could possibly conceive! Think about it:

  • No impulsive dinning out. The temptation to go out to eat because you have no idea what to make or because you don’t have ingredients will be virtually eliminated. Saving you money and helping you eat healthier.
  • Healthier decisions. We all want to eat healthier and creating a plan is such effective way to get exactly want you want in your diet. Relying on spare of the moment meals usually result in wanting something fast and convient because you start thinking about dinner when you are already tired and hungry.
  • Time Saver. Have you ever spent over a half hour just trying to decide what you would make for dinner and realized that in that same time you could have had something ready already?  That was the worst for me.  The greatest part about it is that I realized that there are SEVERAL meals (can you say crockpot) that I could have the active prep done in less than 11  minutes! That is less time than it takes most to make mac and cheese from a box! Imagine, 11 minutes of your time in the morning to free yourself from dinner stress and enjoy a healthy hot delicious meal at night, totally worth it.
  • Quick and Easy grocery shopping. With the plan in place all you have to do is scan down a list and write it down and know you will have all the ingredients you need to make all your meals for the week. You can even organize your list in the order that you shop: Produce, dairy, meat, pantry, household, etc, making shopping  even easier for you!

It’s like my dinner bible that I refer to almost daily.

How to create a grocery list with it

Getting a grocery list is a breeze with a meal plan. This is how I get a list ready:

First I get my weekly calendar (see above to download  a printable I threw together)  and dry erase marker and fill in any outside-the-home dinners that will be available eg. eating at parents, parties, etc. Write which days you will eat out too (heh. one day…we are still on a student income).

Then I refer to a week block in my meal plan and write down all the meals for each day. Sometimes I will mix and match order and even pull from other weeks if I want. Since all the meals are ordered with what I need from the store, it is still simple to put together  grocery list. I just scan the ‘make sure you have’ and write down anything I know we are out of  and write down everything on the ‘fresh to buy’ column for the week.

During the week we keep a magnetic grocery (click here for a printable grocery list and shopping tips) list that we fill as we ran out of stuff that we usually have on hand while it is still on our minds.  This means, while I’m cooking if I noticed that there are only two more potatoes left (something that we usually have on hand) then I stop what I’m doing for the moment and write it down before I forget.

you can get one of those cheap grocery lists at micheals or target for like a $1. The bulk of the paper usually falls of the magnet cardbord back with enough time and use. Instead of throwing all that paper away, try stapling it back on the cardboard. 😀

Adding new recipes

Has pintrest not totally beefed up your recipe box? It has mine.  I have a recipe binder full of sheet protects that I can easily slide in a recipe I find after I print it.  It is a great way to have reference to it afterward, it is spill proof (really important for me since I’m constantly wiping off splatters) and I sometimes even make temporal notes with with a dry erase marker on recipes I modify (which is often), see if worked out and write it on on the actual recipe with a pen if it worked out. If there are winner recipes that are easy, healthy and my family liked, they make it to the meal plan.

I look forward to dinner time now!

Dinner time is on my mind before noon while I still have energy in the day.  I either throw things in a crockpot or chop veggies and have all the prep work done to make it easy as possible in the evening.  Now all I have to look forward to is eating. It’s beautiful. *sniff*.

What ways have YOU found that really helps you with meals and such?