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How I collect and store my own breast milk easily and naturally without using a pump


Pumping my own milk was alway a mystery. I couldn’t figure out WHEN to do it. If I did it between feedings I felt like I didn’t have enough for baby to eat. If I did it after feedings I didn’t have enough to pump. In anycase I figured if I came up with a regular schedule to pump, my body would eventually supply enough from the given demand but I could never establish consistency. My life with little kids was nothing near predictable to set aside a time to sit and be attached to a pump to join the ranks of a dairy cow while I got milked. ┬áThat too. I couldn’t handle being tethered to a pump and it was a discouraging realization that a 1/2 hour of pumping only meant 1.5 oz of milk. Hardly. Worth. it.

That was the story of my pumping life for my first two kids. So if you can imagine, I didn’t collect much milk. Maaaybe one bag or two of precious frozen milk on hand that we could use only if we REALLY needed it.

Until Baby #3. I figured out a method that WORKED really well for me.