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Get healthy tips and tricks that are often overlooked!


Like I mentioned earlier, I’m going to be sharing quick tricks via instagram and facebook! This week: HEALTHY tips and tricks!  Follow me on instagram or here!

I don’t profess to be a health coach/pro/guru in anyway. I don’t have a super model body or know the nutritional makeup of every food but I can tell you this: I FEEL good and I ENJOY my body!

I feel like I’ve noticed and learned somethings about living healthy that might be often overlooked. Hopefully this series of tricks will spark some inspiration and motivate you to make simple changes to a healthier and thus happier life!!

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Secrets to How I organize my purse


If you have been following on Facebook or instagram you know that I’m posting ‘quick tricks’ of the motherhood trade.This last week was ORGANIZING tricks (that help a scatterbrained daydreamer). I’m ending the weeks on Mondays and today I will complete it with an actual full blown post. I used up every free minute these last couple days to present to you all the gory deets of how my purse comes together because it HONESTLY has made my life SO much easier!! Hope it can sparks some ideas of how to create more ease and harmony in the crazy chaos of cute children we live in!!! Enjoy.

THE MAMA PURSE!! We all have one! Filled with all your essentials, it is the on-the-go survival kit for you and your babies! I totally get that surviving even just a few hours outta your house with kiddies can mean packing half your house and lugging a heavy old bag around!

That’s when I got really serious because I’m a little gal and don’t like to carry more than I need.I also learned my lesson (over and over again) that having or not having wipes or diaps when needed IS the difference between a smooth sailing and a complete shipwreck!! I’m naturally all over the place and needed a super simple system that would make sure I had what I needed, that was ready when I was. I needed not only something organized, but something that would be easy to KEEP organized.

After frantic years of losing keys, digging around for a wipe and lots of STRESS, this is what I finally came up with. I use and LOVE LOVE LOVE this little system because it keeps things light, simple, modularized and totally versatile!! Here is what goes in my mama bag:  Continue reading Secrets to How I organize my purse

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Follow quick tricks on facebook and instagram


Alright my friends. I’m continually waiting for a moment to blog about tips and tricks that help me everyday in my motherhood life but taking care of three littles, hubby, managing a home and all other life odds and ends allows little room for it right now. BUT I STILL have a backlogs of TONS of things I want to share and it is causing MENTAL CONSTIPATION inside me. Talking to my bestie this weekend, she totally gave me my answer:

INSTAGRAM (motherhoodtrade)…which i will then post on Facebook.

So here is what I just decided. I’m going to post little things here and there that I actually do that help ME tons throughout the day. This week’s theme: super simple CHEAP way to organize.

‘PLEASE understand that this MIGHT deceive you into thinking that I am an really organized person, that’s just a big fat illusion!! I’m a total scatter brained, day dreamer! The scariest question from my hubby and kids starts with, “Where did you put the…” Because frequently I have NO clue. That is why I put conscious effort into creating simple systems that will support me despite my tendency to pay little or no attention to my real life. Hope it can help and inspire a tad! Enjoy! Follow me on instagram or here!

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NEW SITE!!! For ALL FAITH lovers! newest post: TESTIMONY

Hi friends! I’m excited to share with you my latest and greatest project that my mind and fingers have been conspiring and that is finally coming together! A NEW site dedicated to faith building materials, thoughts, quotes, printables, videos and more create by yours truly.  it is:

I’m not all the way complete and ready but I just finished a post that might be useful for those that are teaching lessons. It is a lesson on TESTIMONY. It comes with a downloadable worksheet AND a video. Yes. I love you that much.

Go over there and enjoy! If you only come to this site for those helps, then you can get that full blown now! I’m still working on migrating the downloads but everything else is there. Yay. I will post lesson helps and faith buildling inspiration as I work on lessons for my church calling and also as I feel like sharing new insight.

Don’t worry, I will still post on this site my latest tricks of the motherhoodtrade as I get a chance. I have SO SO MUCH to share with you but it is quite busy with the littles and some other fun things I’m working on. Hang on tight and thanks so much for all of you!!

Much LOVE,

Sariah Tate

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Fundraising bake sale for baby Kai

Meet Baby

Because of Amniotic Band Syndrome (find out more about ABS and follow his story on FB), Kai  needs to get surgery on his left ankle so he will be able to have full use of his foot.

“He had to get special casts on his legs…for the clubbed feet. He will have new ones put on every week for the next several months and then braces for years after that. He is an amazing kid who has gone through so much. He is handling everything exceptionally well ” -Kai’s mom, Aleisha 2/27/14

To honor and celebrate his birth and all the miracles this family has experienced so far, my friend Janie had the brilliant idea to hold a bake sale. All proceeds went to support baby Kai.





Look for printables below!
This is Kai’s mom, Aleisha. She has taken this experience and used social media to share her story and create ABS awareness. She has also created a blog to support mother’s on bed rest by sharing her experience and allowing others to submit theirs.

There was no shortage of support and DELICIOUS treats.

cream filled chiffon cupcakeslemon-barsDivine lemon barsorange-rollsOH. MY. DEEElishes orange rolls.rice-krispies
LOVE these ladies!!!

bake saleProud daddy!

If you’re heart strings are feeling it and you want to help baby Kai and his family, feel free to donate to their FUNDLY and feel the sweet blessing of giving!

I enjoyed designing the above printable banner, tent cards and sign. I’m excited to share them on my etsy shop!  They are great because you can use the for ANYTHING!! Any party, occasion or even to have a fun saying stung in your home (full alphabet banner). Once purchased you are welcome to print as much as your life needs celebration (um..everyday!) All proceeds will go to baby Kai for the month of May 2015!! Find in lime green, teal or

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Why was a restoration of the Gospel necessary?

I taught a Young Women’s called “Why was a restoration necessary”  and it really put into perspective the significance of the restoration of the Gospel. It is so exciting that truths, revelation, ordinances, authority and prophets that were available when Jesus Christ originally set up His church is once again here on earth to guide and bless our lives!!

I LOVED Elder Robert D. Hales talk, “Prepartions for the Restoration and Second Coming” because it was a clear and personal witness to me that God is willing and eager to bless His children with TRUTH anytime we are willing and ready to receive it. Even though the fullness of Christ Gospel was taken from the earth, Heavenly Father’s hand in guiding and inspiring mankind to receive it once again is evident throughout history.


It is interesting to me that there had to be lots of things set IN MOTION as mankind grew, matured and developed (just as we do individually) to bring about the right circumstances for a young boy to ask God which church he should join. There had to be a spiritual maturity in mankind itself for the Gospel to return in a sustainable way. This maturity was brought about by curiosity and a strong desire to know TRUTH. This included secular learning and questioning current social norms and  widely accepted beliefs. Above all, a fierce trust in something and someone greater than themselves. Many gave up their LIVES for the sake of truth, after all!

To illustrate the chain of events that happened to bring about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I brought these toy gears–once again my kid’s toys serving as inspiration 🙂 — I explained that there had to be certain events, inventions, exploration and mentalities put in MOTION that led the way to the restoration.

I used address labels (cut in half) and wrote on them.

First we talked about why there need to be a restoration. Then we read Elder Scott’s ENTIRE talk together (starting at the 4th paragraph..After the Savior’s Resurrection..). We took turns and read a paragraph Continue reading Why was a restoration of the Gospel necessary?

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How I collect and store my own breast milk easily and naturally without using a pump


Pumping my own milk was alway a mystery. I couldn’t figure out WHEN to do it. If I did it between feedings I felt like I didn’t have enough for baby to eat. If I did it after feedings I didn’t have enough to pump. In anycase I figured if I came up with a regular schedule to pump, my body would eventually supply enough from the given demand but I could never establish consistency. My life with little kids was nothing near predictable to set aside a time to sit and be attached to a pump to join the ranks of a dairy cow while I got milked.  That too. I couldn’t handle being tethered to a pump and it was a discouraging realization that a 1/2 hour of pumping only meant 1.5 oz of milk. Hardly. Worth. it.

That was the story of my pumping life for my first two kids. So if you can imagine, I didn’t collect much milk. Maaaybe one bag or two of precious frozen milk on hand that we could use only if we REALLY needed it.

Until Baby #3. I figured out a method that WORKED really well for me. Continue reading How I collect and store my own breast milk easily and naturally without using a pump

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Cruise themed YW New Beginnings-Free Printables

When it comes to organizing an event, I think the most delightful difference between females and males is probably that a females feel compelled to theme, color coordinate and cutsie every aspect of the experience. A male on the other hand…well…lets just say I grew up with 3 brothers and I clearly remember invitations to activities were swiftly hand written notes that were photocopied. I was also quite shocked to walk in on one of their big camp planning meeting (with only 2 week prior to the camp, no less) to find out that they had NO THEME, crafts planned, OR decorations for their camp site!!! When I asked about it, I remember those males were in bigger shock that we actually brought things like that up to camp.
My question is–What is the point if it won’t be pretty or over the top creative??

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on making the invitation. It was an envelope containing a boarding pass. Click HERE if you want use this design with your event info

Anyway. With this year’s Mutual theme being,  “O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.”, we all went nautical nutty and decided on a cruise ship theme.  With a surge of genius, though not without the help of pintrest (my, have planning meetings changed. Each girl, phone in hand swiping upward to get some insPINation…) here is what the ladies came up with.  Continue reading Cruise themed YW New Beginnings-Free Printables

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Amazing Grace!

I’m guessing’ you are looking for a printable for your lesson or some inspiration?? Great news, All faith building content has moved to!!

A site created by yours truly (Sariah Tate) jam packed with all the feel good, inspiring, faith building content, printables you are looking for! Yay. Click here for this specific printable on Grace.

Seeking Eternal Truth Banner from MT-02



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Baby #3


I’ve been meaning to post about the arrival of our third little one, well, since his arrival. It’s been almost 6 months now. That might be one of the most indicative things of how it has been having 3 kiddies…no time for much else besides sheer survival!

The final month of preggo-ness
Lets start where I left off. Given my record of grumpy pregnancies, I’m happy to report I did surprisingly well during this last pregnancy. and learned MUCH on how to bear uncomfortable times with a happy heart (for the most part, at least).  Honestly speaking, that last month was quite torturous. Telling an 8 months pregnant lady that baby will arrive any day now for an entire month is pure mental anguish (thanks doc). Apparently you CAN hang at a 3-4 cm dialated and 90% effaced for an almost an entire month. Add frequent braxton hicks, an active baby and a small body to hold it all (he gave me an internal bruise from all that womb partying!), I seriously thought and felt like I was in labor at least once every single day. Thinking this guy was surely gonna come earlier (the last baby certainly did), he decided he was actually quite comfortable staying inside me until the day before his due date.

When I finally had him, I was so excited to see him and hold him at last but frankly I was almost equally excited and so relieved that I wasn’t pregnant anymore!

Labor and delivery

My man and I joke that I’m basically in really slow uncomfortable labor for the last couple months not only because I contract so frequently and gradually, slowly progress with it (dilate and efface) but because when REAL labor kicks in, our last two babies are so ready they have arrived in a snap.

We entered the hospital at midnight and this little guy clocked in at 12:25am. I was in the hospital for less than a half hour before I had him. I could have had him in the car if I had waited longer! Eeeek! It was 1.5 hours of labor total.


I know it is criminal how quick my deliveries are. I’m lucky my active labor doesn’t last forever as I have heard many friends cue me in on their endless marathons. I’m also fortunate I’ve been able to deliver naturally without any complications (Did I have much choice with such fast labors??).

I’m not against epidurals since I certainly LOVED mine with my first child (so did the hubby). The method you choose to bring your baby into the world certainly doesn’t impact the quality of mother you are.

Each method brings it’s own unique experience. With the epidural I was able to comfortably talk with my spouse and nurse while I was in full blown labor. It was fantastic!  Ultimately, the goal is to welcome an infant into the world.

I do, however, want say my natural births have been incredible experiences for me! After the intensity of labor, it was such a rush of euphoria, relief, and satisfaction. The fierce bond I felt with the helpless little person after that surge is beyond this world. I also COULD NOT believe that I had just had a baby considering the way I felt after delivery. Anyway, in a future post, I want to talk about my birthing experiences in more detail  and share techniques that helped me for those that might be considering a natural birth experience.


The three kid thing

When people ask me what it’s like having 3 kids I’ve often answered,

“I think its when motherhood swallows you whole”

To enjoy it at this stage mean to surrender to being a mother completely. I guess I didn’t even realize what I was even holding back when I had one kid and especially thought I was giving it all when I had two. It was my sincere ALL for those first two!  Three kids has pushed me to a max I didn’t know I even had. I believe it must be true with every child. Each new little person taking you to limits you didn’t even know existed.

DSC_0054-bw-boys copy

Really makes me reconsider wanting the fourth child. And now even more aware of the insanity of wanting six that I initially hoped!

Lets be real. I’m still only six months out. I’m in the total thick of it. It won’t be long before the heavens are ready and the angels give me mother amnesia to blind me of the current insanity. The ‘trap age’ as we had a friend call it. We can’t help but agree. For us it is when things start smooth sailing again and gushingly adorable 18ish month olds beckon the arrival of the next sibling. But we’ll see what life has in store for us, I guess.


Even with the sheer madness of adding more to your family brood, there is magic that occurs in the heart of a mother, a father and a sibling with each new member. Each soul adds more room for love and heaven’s bliss.


I jokingly tell people that baby #3 is my favorite. Not because I didn’t care for the others as much but because the others have done such a marvelous job breaking me into motherhood that I can now even more deeply enjoy the 3rd.  Here is a long-over-due pic overdose of this guy. DSC_0108EMRYS-BW-mt









Yes this little baby of mine has brought so many wonderful feelings into our home. Its crazy how the presence of a happy baby can delight so many, so easily.

Peek into my everyday boy filled life!

My older boys just LOVE him. Though, I believe that expressing affection and care when you are a rough tough little man might be challenging. Their hugs and kisses to their littler brother are rarely free of a rough element like pokes in the face or squishing some part of him (ok. I guess, squishing some part of this irresistible chubba is unavoidable).


The sibling interaction with baby is pretty entertaining and sweet. (A pleasant surprise since oldest brother was NOT fond the 2nd baby’s arrival for a good while, it was quite rough!)  They love to see him giggle and get such a kick out of any new development from baby.

Daddy also loves this chub. And he also loves to scare mama with this trick. I can’t get over that BabyE often smiles and giggles when he performs this circus act.daddy-balance

We are indeed bless to have this little love in our lives. My heart is filled with continual gratitude (…though there maybe with some interruptions at night when he’s screaming).

six month old baby E

Future post!
I’m also excited to eventually share that I finally figured out a way to comfortably get and store my own milk easily and naturally without using a pump (probably not what you think). Ah. So many things I want to talk and share about, so little time!